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Website Woes.. Day 2 going on 3…

To any of my friends who have been unable to get onto my website in the past 2 days, I apologize.

The service I use that simplifies my URL has been disrupted. I pay “Sitelutions” to invisibly whisk my visitors to the real (but more complicated) URL address that is on my actual Internet Service Provider site. This re-direct service told me last night that they have been struggling with an outage that has affected other Internet providers as well.

However, I was also told my service would be restored by last night (Friday evening) by the latest, and obviously that did not happen. At least now there is a “placeholder” if you go there, so you know I haven’t just vanished.

As an update – as of Saturday afternoon, 5pm Eastern time, there is no estimated time for restoring my service. SO … if you want to go to my website, go here.

Sigh… I have had more “down time” in the last 2 weeks than I’ve had in 5 years.. I wonder what’s going on…

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