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The Maiden

The river is flowing,
Flowing and growing,
The river is flowing
Down to the sea
Mother carry me
Your child I will always be.
Mother carry me
Down to the sea
— Reclaiming and Friends

he Maiden is the youthful aspect of the Goddess. She is the discovery, creativity and freedom within us. She is care-free, liberated, and overflowing with the joy of living. Her time of year is now, the glorious Springtime of the world. Eternally renewing, She brings us new beginnings, budding flowers, sweet longings not yet fulfilled, and life’s juicy potential.

As one face of the Triple Goddess, Her Maiden aspect does not refer to sexual virginity. While some Maiden Goddesses might be guardians and companions of young girls prior to their sexual awakening, for the most part, They are instead about independence. The Maiden is complete unto Herself, and responsible for Herself in ways that, coming from thousands of years of patriarchal systems, are hard for us to imagine or understand.

Nevertheless, Her names are many, and reflect aspects of the many different cultures where She is known and remembered. In the Gardnerian Myth of the Goddess (from The Meaning of Witchcraft, by Gerald B. Gardner, 1959), the Maiden aspect is about seeking, searching and opening Herself to the mysteries of Life and Death.

From Her celebration at Ostara, we move towards the Greater Sabbat of Beltane, a rite that very specifically honors the Goddess as Maiden. For now She will revel in Her powers of enchantment and Her seductive, joyful pleasures as She moves from longing to fulfillment. At Beltane, She is the eager and aroused bride at Her wedding.

Craft writer Eileen writes, “Youth, newness, innocence and beauty are fundamental facets of the Maiden aspect. But beneath those are seeking, and love, and love of seeking. There is more to understand of the Maiden though. Enchantment does not end with maidenhood, it is simply the beginning of the Mystery of Life, for that, above all, is what the Goddess stands for.

“In Circle,” she notes, “in the Balanced Universe, the Maiden takes her place in the East… East (Air) rules the free mind and intellect. It is the place to seek the ability to learn and to open spiritually, to open your mind and find answers. It is a masculine quarter, ruled by intellect, and analytical logic, but She brings to it an intuition, which is required to use these to best advantage.”

The Maiden is usually associated with the Waxing Moon, which we just happen to also be enjoying right now. Her colors are often white and pink, and flowers are dear to Her, especially the wild and/or white ones. The animals associated with her are the owl, deer or any other young or wild animals.

As we feel the rising longings of Beltane drawing into us, we’ll continue to celebrate the beautiful Maiden face of the Divine.

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