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Readers and Psychics Busted in Philly

Philadelphia Shuts Down Psychics

Published: April 27, 2007

Filed at 12:23 p.m. ET

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — They never saw it coming. City inspectors shut

down more than a dozen psychics, astrologers and tarot-card readers after learning about a decades-old state law that bans fortune telling for profit.

Inspectors did not make arrests or issue fines, “but they will if these people try to return to work,” said Dominic E. Verdi, deputy commissioner of the city Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Verdi said the law, on the books for more than 30 years, makes fortunetelling “for gain or lucre,” a third-degree misdemeanor.

Police alerted his department to the law a few days ago, Verdi said. “I was surprised,” he said.

He said inspectors have closed 16 shops since Tuesday and he expected them to close more.

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It took YEARS of concentrated effort by a number of Pagan and Civil
Liberties groups to reverse a similar law here in North Carolina. These laws, as silly and antiquated as the regional laws that are still on the books requiring people to run in front of their horseless carriages to wave away the cows, are being rediscovered by people with their own, less tolerant agendas.. This is not a good development, especially in a major metropolitan area like Philly. But perhaps not that surprising, given the current climate regarding civil rights and liberties.

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