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My website is back…

But since it was down for 3 days, and no one got to visit it, I am not writing a new update until … well, actually not until Beltane, since tomorrow’s entry will be the Card of the Week.

So while I’m hanging out, maybe I’ll just share with you how gorgeous it is, here in North Carolina right now. Yes, we are struggling (again!) with borderline drought conditions, and many trees and plants are still recovering (or else completely dead) from the unprecedented damage from the freeze over the Easter weekend.

This photo was taken at our house, by my husband, John Rottet, for his column, Scapes, in the Raleigh News&Observer. He explains:

Hope springs eternal as many trees try to recover from the damage of the Easter freeze. A young hickory tree in northern Durham County shows a dead compound leaf, withered and hanging down, while the same branch has put out a new shoot above. It may be weeks or months before the extent of the damage can be assessed. Severe damage to the bark or to the vascular connections could cause a gradual dieback of stems or entire plants of cold-sensitive species like Japanese maple.

Still, though, I have a bumper crop of foxgloves getting ready to burst into bloom, the bee balm is about to overcome the pansies, yellow and violet iris are sunning themselves, and somewhere in the hidden depths near our creek, I can smell honeysuckle’s intoxicating perfume. Bleeding heart, sweet woodruff, and ferns unfurl and spread along the faery path in our woods.

There is a wood thrush singing early in the morning, and in the twilight before sunset – one of the dearest sounds of Spring to me. The hummingbirds have emptied one feeder since arriving, and soon they will be needing a refill every day or two.

The Moon is nearly full, dripping silver seduction on all in Her path. Beltane’s magic approaches, as clear and sweet-heavy as the pulsing heart of the world.

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