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Honoring Aphrodite

Do you not see how mighty is the Goddess Aphrodite? She sows and gives that love from which all we upon this earth are born.
— Empedocles ca. 490-430 BCE

Homer tells us that where Aphrodite walks, flowers spring up under Her feet. When She first arrived at the assembly of the other Olympians, all were struck with admiration and love when She appeared, and her surpassing beauty made everyone desire her.

In Athens, Aphrodite was worshipped in gardens, for She was a personification of the generative powers of nature. Her festival was the Aphrodisiac, celebrated in various centers of Greece and especially in Athens and Corinth. While some scholars have stated that Her worship eventually devolved into a peripheral prostitution cult, others argue that Her priestesses were not prostitutes but women who offered sexual intercourse as but one method of worshipping Her.

Certainly, Her power was not diminished for long, for later She became intertwined with the Roman Goddess of charm and beauty, gardens and youthful love, Venus.

As a Goddess of sex and beauty, She offers profound powers of transformation for us. For certainly both are some of the most powerful and positive motivators in human history. Through Aphrodite, we can remember that real love is empowering, passionate and affirming. It is not the “love-sickness” that is glamorized by popular culture. The love of Aphrodite’s blessing is not neediness, codependence or self-pity; She reminds us that lusty adult love is not evil. Aphrodite teaches that our sexual passions are sacred gifts that connect us to what is best in us, not what is weak or afflicted.

To honor Aphrodite in your life, honor your sexuality in all its wondrous and mysterious truth. As Jill Fairchild and Regina Schaare write in their lovely Goddess Workbook, All relationships under Aphrodite’s spell have meaning and are whole unto themselves, a condition we may tend to deny in our search for the committed, perfect, enduring union with ‘the one.’

“When our hearts speak freely and simply, moment by moment,” they write, “and we open ourselves to the adventure of Aphrodite, then we are truly experiencing Her magic in our lives.”

Today, don the magical golden belt of Aphrodite that is, in fact, the seductive, irresistible magic of your juicy authenticity. For as Abby Willowroot notes, “True Love is found when you are truly yourself, in all your power and humaness. Aphrodite is attracted to those who dare to be themselves and live life to the fullest.

“She delights in sharing Her sensuous blessings with all who are open to adventure, self-love and sensual pleasures. She is the heart’s Venus…Her gifts are an expression of the joys of the physical world. She is Life and its many gifts. Her abundance is available to all who seek Her company with an open and generous heart.”

May Aphrodite teach you the glories of your passions, for by joyfully embracing the earthy, sensual pleasures of your body, you are embracing and worshipping the most elevated of that which we call the Divine.