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Hail Aphrodite

Hail Aphrodite
Maiden born of the Sea

She Who Shines Brightly

Ever-Luminous Morning Star

Radiant Goddess of Feminine Beauty

©Invocation by Abby Willowroot

Having visited with the lovely Graces, let’s discuss the wonderful Goddess whom they attended – the mighty Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.

Although one of the most widely recognized of the Greek Goddesses, She probably did not originate in Greece, but was a Mother Goddess that came from the sea traders of the eastern Mediterranean. Some scholars believe that Aphrodite is a version of the older Goddess, Astarte.

However, in Her aspect as Aphrodite, She embodies, not the Mother Goddess, but the Maiden Goddess. That is because in the concept of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone), the Maiden is not necessarily an untouched virgin, but has the qualities of youthful energy and freedom. She is not tied to any marriage or relationship, nor dependent on a lover or husband for Her power, identity, or security.

There are many incarnations of this Goddess of Love and Physical Beauty. Her power transcends culture and time. She is known as “Aphrodite Marina,” “Maiden of the Sea,” “Aphrodite Urania,” and simply the “Goddess of Love.” Her Roman identity is

She is best known for her love affairs, which were numerous, adventurous, and resulted in many offspring. Her most notable lovers were the Gods Ares, Dionysius, Hermes, Poseidon, and the mortal, Adonis.

Knowing their long history of not-so-subtle revenge and jealousy, you might think the
other Goddesses would have been big trouble for this gorgeous newcomer, who was brazenly seducing their husbands and lovers right and left.

However, although they were surely envious of Her beauty and Her unconventional lifestyle, other women were rarely jealous or resentful of Aphrodite’s charms. The fact was, Her extraordinary kindness and generous spirit won Her the admiration of all of the Olympians. Her mission was (and still is) to assist both the Divine Ones, as well as mortals, to win true love.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some more thoughts about this most juicy Goddess.

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