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Earth Day is Every Day

© Mother Earth – Jenness Cortez Permutter

Psalm 27

The Earth is my source of joy and strength
Who can threaten me, rooted in Her?

The Earth is the source of my life;

Who can shake that bond?

When I know threat and assault

The Earth sustains me with solid love.

Though I feel beset on all sides with trouble and fear,
I find beauty and steadfastness and am comforted.

One thing I desire from the Earth,
One thing I continually seek:

That I can be alive to Her beauty and manifested love

As long as I live.

To be fully nurtured by the Earth,
To stand in the presence of Her beauty
Returns me to wholeness.

When I am afraid and begin to lose faith
The scent of Her soil and whisper of Her trees,
The silence of Her wild places,
Restores knowledge of my Life.

Out of my fear and trouble I can sing
Because the Earth endures and within Her
I can be confident of the goodness of my life.

I look at the beauty of the Earth and know Her face
And in Her face is my own.

While my mother and father, sons and daughters,

and all my human family shift and change;

The Earth is steadfast and holds all that I need in Her open hand.

I am glad to wait in the silent breath of the Earth.

She is courage and love

She, comfort and support.

The Earth is joy and my source of strength.

Thanks to Angela Magara, who wrote the glorious Earth Psalms, an Earth-based reclaiming of the King James translation of the Psalms.

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