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Card of the Week – Three of Swords

Sometimes, I begin to feel like Cassandra, always bringing you bad news. Alas, I would not have this be the card, this week, especially, but I am bound to be honest with my readings. So I must say that this portends a challenging week. For truly, this is one of the simplest, but obviously unhappy cards in the Tarot. There is not a lot to describe in this card. Even a child can see that this is a card of tears, strife, conflict. Three swords pierce a heart. Against the background of a storm, it bleeds.

This card sometimes relates to love triangles; but remember this is an Air card – words, thoughts, ideas, communication, intellect. There is likely to be sorrow and pain, possibly because of misunderstanding, false beliefs, or making a wrong choice. There may be a betrayal, or hurtful words may be exchanged.

Today (Monday), astrologer Priya Kale tells us, “Mercury semisquares Venus, creating room for the kind of misunderstanding that is necessary any time we must say something or take action. That is the risk. When speaking, it’s always good to listen. That is like looking when you drive. Pay attention to what someone is trying to tell you; it may be that they themselves are unsure of what it is they are trying to say. This may manifest in the form of mixed messages or just that you don’t yet have the full picture yet. This is an opportunity to close the gap between thought and feeling, while keeping a distinct awareness of their distinction and individuality — and your own.”

So, today especially, and all of this week, then, watch your words. Do not pick fights over trivial matters, no matter how irritated you may feel at the time, for there is a danger of things becoming overheated, leading to unexpectedly heartbreaking repercussions. Sometimes, the only way we will let go of that which has needed to be released from our lives, is if we are hurt. Unhappily, it sometimes comes to pass that our hearts have to break, in order to grow and move torward what is truly best for us.

This week, there may be pain, loss, and unhappy truth revealed. But acceptance and taking these lessons to heart brings an opportunity to learn, grow and receive something ultimately better for you.

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