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Card of the Week – The Devil

Yes, again.. Back yet one more time, since appearing in January, and then again just a few weeks ago. There is something very important, undeniable — trying to get our attention here. The repeated appearance of this card for you and for me is a very loud wake-up call.

What do you believe about The Devil? Do you believe in evil entities with conscious will and destructive agendas? What wicked intentions do you feel are at work in our world, enslaving minds and spirits, creating war, hunger, disease? What do you believe about the shadows in your own being? What compulsions, fears, habits, addictions keep you in bondage? Who do you blame?

What do you believe about the nature of the Universe? Is it a big trick or a lie? Is it a veil of tears or an illusion that we must endure or overcome, until we die and then are welcomed into happiness at last?

What you believe, consciously or not, about these things will affect every choice, every action, every word, every day. For instance, there are a lot of very powerful people who believe they are just hanging around this physical planet, until their saviour comes and beams them up to the reward they are certain they deserve, while also casting everyone else into eternal damnation. What results do you see of these beliefs?

Consider the wise words of the poet who wrote the quotation above, Sri Chinmoy:

From the spiritual point of view, there is no such thing as evil. What we call evil is actually error. In our strict Indian philosophy, we do not use the term evil: we call it bondage or error. This error can be a pathfinder. When we get a little more knowledge in comparison to our old standard, we discard our former understanding as evil or ignorance. Let us say we get a thorn in our foot. We feel that this thorn is evil, but we need another thorn in order to remove the first thorn. Then we discard both thorns.

The Devil of the Tarot has so much to teach us about the fear and negativity that play out in our world, and in our own lives. Bigotry, prejudice, greed, addiction, hatred, blindness: there is more than enough making the rounds.

What situation is it time to honestly face? In what ways do we make “deals with the devil” in order to avoid seeing an important truth? How do we hide from our authenticity? How much negativity do we tolerate and encourage? What do we fear and how are we going to heal it?

For heal it we must.

Or will you succumb to old habits of blame, guilt, denial and staying stuck, playing your old scripts over and over? Do you turn a blind eye to the situations around you that need attention? The Devil is a challenge to embrace the often uncomfortable need to radically change.

This week, I invite you to compassionately confront the dark parts of your life, and wherever you see it in the world around you. Wake up. Be conscious. Do not turn away. Open and listen and learn.

And then act from love.

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