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Card of the Week – Five of Swords

A brief note:
Every Monday on my website, I have been posting a “Tarot Card of the Week,” and discussing it. I have decided that instead of writing my “daily magic” piece plus an interpretation of the card on Mondays, I am going to simplify by only writing up my Card of the Week, period. In part, to be honest, I’ve decided this because of this blog space, where, up till now, I’ve been skipping over the card, in favor of the essay.
So I invite you to participate in the discussion of how the card of the week may be showing up for you. The first one is certainly not a simple one. Here goes…

The Tarot Card of the Week
April 16 – 22:This week’s card is the Five of Swords

Back again since it’s January visit, this card is a challenging one. As is the case with many of the Swords, and especially the Fives of all the suits, this one shows us conflict and strife. Even renowned Tarot scholar Rachel Pollack calls this “one of the most difficult cards…one of the reasons some people find the Rider pack too negative.”

The man in the foreground gloats as the others retreat in a humiliating defeat. At his feet are their two swords, the spoils of his victory. Yet he bears three already – an unfair advantage that makes his victory hollow. The sky is stormy, with jagged, threatening clouds.

Although unpleasant, this card happens to most of us, sooner or later. The question is, who do you identify with? The winner? Or perhaps the two figures near the water, who have suffered a degrading loss? They had more manpower, but the smirking winner was more heavily armed, perhaps due to some kind of trickery, almost certainly some unfair advantage.

If you are the victor, this card asks – how completely must you see your enemies laid low, in order to feel emotionally satisfied? Is your victory ethical? Gloating, humiliating and taunting those who you have bested is vulgar behavior unworthy of real champions. Besides, it only serves to strengthen your opponent’s resolve to fight more fiercely next time. The man in for foreground may be the most powerful for now, but to treat his adversary with disrespect sows the seeds of disaster later.

On the other hand, despite our best efforts, this card unpleasantly indicates that sometimes we may lose out to someone who opposes us, and who is perhaps unfairly advantaged. Have you been defeated or cheated out of success by a wily and cunning opponent? Do you feel you have suffered because of someone’s cowardliness, cruelty, or malice? Perhaps now is the time to walk away while you can. But do not despair, or give in to bitterness.

This week, I can’t help but think about the situation with Alberto Gonzales, smug in his belief that he will defeat any calls for his resignation. He is certainly backed by all the might of the deeply entrenched Neo-con machine. But at what price will such a victory come? What does it ultimately do to our system of justice, when the person in charge seems completely lacking in the ability to speak truthfully?

Not to mention if the allegations are actually true.

This week, in whatever conflict you may find yourself, and whether on the winning or losing side, be mindful to act with graciousness and diplomacy. If you must disagree with others, do so with compassion, wisdom, and a sense of respect.

Most of all, be the peace you wish to see in the world.

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