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Blessings of the Libra Full Moon!

This is the Seed Moon, in some traditions. It is also known as the Pink Moon, the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon, when the shad swim upstream to spawn. It’s an ideal Moon time to plant magical herbs or seeds, although in many places, the late frosts (and even snow!) may not be finished. So you might start them indoors for transplanting later, when all danger of freezing is past.

This is a lovely Moon for filling your home with light and flowers, and decorating eggs to celebrate the rebirth of life, fertility and joy. Tonight, plant your seeds of intention, for the growing season has come.

In addition, this Libra Full Moon is an important time for deep listening, heart to heart. According to astrologer Lisa Dale Miller, “When the Moon is full in Libra, the Sun is shining brightly in Aries. The polarity of these two opposing signs represents knowing self in an effort to know others; thereby allowing others to truly know us. The Libra Moon reflects the light of Arian individuality and uses it as the fuel for greater understanding of others. Know thyself and the true nature of all things will be revealed.”

In other words, this Libra Full Moon illustrates the challenge of negotiating my needs (the Sun in Aries influence) versus our needs (which is the energy of the Libra moon).

Finding such a balance, between self-gratification and surrendering to the needs of a loved one, or the good of the community, is certainly an on-going lesson. Astrologer Jeffrey Kishner, agrees. “Compromise does not entail being a doormat,” he writes, “or surrendering to the other’s desires and then feeling resentful. It is about a healthy give-and-take in which two partners sit down and negotiate their needs, both as two individuals and as a couple. Ideally, one partner is willing to forego their own immediate pleasure (Aries) out of love for their partner (Libra). This requires open communication, reflecting Libra’s Air nature.”

This balance between egocentrism and surrender to others is a key ingredient in personal juiciness. People who are oblivious of the needs of others, or who never act with empathy are selfish and often even dangerous. On the other hand, I am sure we have all met one or two martyrs in our lives, whose preoccupation with sacrificing themselves for others ends up contaminating any possibility of happiness for all concerned.

Both extremes result in a dry, brittle existence that leaves the person parched, angry, and sad. Juiciness, on the other hand, discovers that helping oneself does not preclude helping others. Both are needed, for self-love and love of others are inextricably tied together if we are to be healthy and happy.

So this Full Moon, celebrate this divine interconnectedness, between honoring your own personal needs, while also being of service to others. What a juicy way to live!

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