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Welcome, Spring!

Today is the first full day of Spring! It is one of the eight holidays celebrated by Earth-based religions, for it is the celebration of the Equinox. Also called Ostara (from which we get the name, “Easter”), it is celebration of the renewal of life after Winter’s long darkness and fallow time.

This year, the timing is perfect, as we are in the time of the young waxing Moon, so new beginnings, growth, and opening the way are all key energies for this time.

With Spring being ruled by the Guardian of the East and Air, this is an ideal time to turn your attention towards matters of intellectual challenge and growth, improve communications, develop new skills, and hone your abilities of discernment. Spellwork for improving group interactions are recommended, as well as concerns about fertility and abundance. Ostara is the time to start putting those plans and preparations you made at Imbolc into action. Start working towards physically manifesting your intentions now.

The most common colors associated with Ostara are lemon yellow, pale green and pale pink. Other appropriate colors include grass green, all pastels, Robin’s egg blue, violet, and white. Stones to use during the Spring celebrations include aquamarine, rose quartz, and moonstone.

Animals associated with Ostara are rabbits and snakes. And some of the Deities you may wish to work with for Ostara include Ganesh, who Opens the Way, Persephone who is reunited with Her mother, Demeter after Her long winter’s exile in the Underworld, and Amaterasu (who also re-emerges from Her grieving Winter exile at this time). Other Goddesses and Gods who are associated with Spring include Eostre, Aphrodite, Athena, Cybele, Gaia, Hera, Isis, Robin of the Woods, the Green Man, Cernunnos, Thoth, Osiris, and Pan.

And of course, with the first of Spring, and Equinox, yesterday the Sun moved into the sign of Aries, making it the New Year of the Zodiac.

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