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The Juicy Crones

©Uldis Zemzaris
I cross space and time,
Holding the threads of life and death,

Mistress of endings and beginnings

I am completion of the Cycle
Maiden….. Mother….. Crone…..
I have come as the Goddess,
And in me… all life renews
All things are possible

The Crone comes dancing
Silently, powerfully, relentlessly,

To all.

— From Chants to the Goddess, The Goddess 2000 Project

Thanks to a request from one of my faithful visitors who lives in San Francisco, let’s explore what it means to be juicy, especially during this most juicy new Springtime.

In many cultures, up until quite recently, the Wise Women of the villages and towns were solely responsible for the medical well-being of all. From birth to the grave, the Grandmothers tended their communities. School-taught male physicians were an anomaly, and very suspect, if ever encountered at all.

These women were sometimes called witches, which at one time was, far from being derogatory, a term of honor. Usually, the village healing woman was an elder, a grandmother, or perhaps a spinster woman who had never been married, but whom all the community thought of as their grandmother.

What a different world we live in today! Elder women are reviled, as youth is held in the highest esteem. Our culture portrays post-menopausal women as comically muddled (at best), and at worst, bitter, dried up, pathetic, and past usefulness. Certainly, there is rarely even a hint of sexuality in the way she is thought of.

But if you’ve known any real Crones, my dears, you know the reality is far, far different!

In her marvelous book, Crones Don’t Whine – Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women, author Jean Shinoda Bolen tells us, “To be involved and engaged in life is a juicy proposition. Every juicy crone taps into a wellspring or a deep aquifer of meaning in her psyche.”

Women that are willing to embrace their age, and who have earned and expect the respect of their experience and years, are smart, compassionate, courageous and humorous. They are possibly the juiciest people you’ll ever know.

But as Bolen points out, it’s not easy to tune out all the negative messages and stereotypes of a culture gone blind. Tomorrow, I’ll share some ideas about how to empower yourself to overcome the many challenges of the messages our society sends to women and men of all ages.