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The Green Veil Descends

If the Angel deigns to come,
it will be because you have convinced her,
not by tears,
but by your humble resolve
to be always beginning:
to be a beginner.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

What a
perfect morning to write about being juicy! The skies are a gentle gray, and a cool drizzling rain has brought an end to the premature summer temperatures. In our woods, the green veil is returning, lacey swaths of baby leaves cloaking the trees, yet still revealing their bare winter silhouettes. We are on the exact cusp where the revealed bones of the forest will soon hide their secrets once more in jungles of underbrush and shade.

The redbud trees (Cercis canadensis) are in their full, frothy glory, and just since yesterday, the blossoms of the dogwoods have transitioned from pale green beginnings to today’s creamy yellow. Their fully opened rich ivory flowers will be upon us at any moment.

It seems to me that it would be hard to not live juicy on a day like this. Everything that was brittle and brown just last week is suddenly alive, opening, awakening, ascending.

But of course, living juicy is not always as easy as a cool, rainy Spring day. Life can be very challenging at times, even today, when all the world is beginning to dress up in its Spring finest. But it is a choice we can always make, no matter what.

In fact, the Goddess of Juicy herself, SARK (which is from her given name of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), reminds us that “Living juicy is especially called for when things break, people disappoint, and the world feels like an unfriendly obstacle course.”


Society sends us so many messages that unless we are in our twenties, buy the right kind of car, dress a certain way, use anti-aging products and take all sorts of pills, we won’t be juicy. And even though we all know better, sort of, there are times when it really gets to us.

My sister was telling me about some women that she knows, who she worries might be bulimic. These are not teenagers or young women, who are naïvely trying to be fashion models or find the perfect love match. They are mothers in their forties, with kids of high school age! But they are under tremendous pressure in their elite social circles to be beautiful, chic and perfect in every way. Desperate housewives, in fact.

Juicy people are rarely waif-like thin; if so, it’s entirely unintentional. Juicy people, instead, are sensuous, and love the pleasures of food, and good times. They aspire to be as guilt-free as possible. And they are never, ever perfect. Except in that bigger sense of what is perfect, like the perfection of a ripe peach, or the beauty of the morning star.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some more thoughts about living juicy. I hope you’ll continue to do your “homework,” thinking about what juicy means to you!