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Signs of Spring – Durham NC

Spring is when you feel like whistling,
even with a shoe full of slush.

— Doug Larson

The Wheel of the Year has turned, and even though many people reading this may still have to deal with snow and ice a while longer, Spring time is inexorably unfolding. Here in the woods of North Carolina, the bloodroot has been blooming, and my faery path is awash in trout lilies.

The forsythia is a yellow waterfall of flowers, and last night, driving down the main road into Durham, I noticed that the woods were shadowed in the dark fuchsia hints of redbuds preparing to open their blossoms. The buckeyes by our creek are unfurling, and soon the paths there will be hidden in jungles of underbrush and spiky leaves.

There are still juncos, sometimes called snowbirds, feeding at our bird feeders, but soon they will melt away, replaced by the first hummingbirds of the year. The goldfinches, who spend the winter in their dowdy darks are suddenly brightening into their finest yellows, and songs of courtship echo in every tree .

As my good friend and recent visitor here, Stan, posted the other day, at his house, just down the road from me, the Bradford pear trees have already peaked, and the tulip magnolias are opening. Around here, they are often premature in their desire to show off their gorgeous pink blooms, and suffer from late freezes. But maybe this year they won’t (we all say this every year).

My camellias have already dwindled down to just a few last blooms, while nearby, the bright green day lilies’ shoots are peeking above the soil, seeking the warmth and sun that will open them in all their glory in a month or two.

What signs of Spring are you seeing? Please share!

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