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Blessings of the New Moon

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings

Dark of the Moon

Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon

What we envision

Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

Not only is this New Moon the first lunation that will take us into Spring, but it brings a partial solar eclipse (only visible in Asia and parts of northern Alaska).

According to astrologer Barbara Hand Clow, this eclipse “represents a shift point out of the control of judgmental, controlling religions into a massive connection between the hearts of people on the planet through their collective awakening to [their own] spirituality.

“There is no doubt that this New Moon and the Spring Equinox will inspire this shift: Pluto on the Galactic Center exactly squares the eclipsed lunation! Collectively, humanity will close out a phase of development that began the last time there was a solar eclipse on this point on the ecliptic, which was March 18, 1988. Think about what you were creating at that time and consider what you have learned.”

Astrologers Sandra and David Mosley agree. “A solar eclipse is a New Moon with tremendous impact. The Sun that gives us life and lights our path is joined briefly with the dark and mysterious qualities of the Moon. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun. In this moment of perceived darkness, spirituality and the psyche combine anew, beginning another cycle in the spiral of our personal development.”

This is the final New Moon in a series of eight that have occurred in the last two degrees of a sign. Astrologer Lynn Monson Hayes reminds us that the New Moons are times of beginnings and “in the last degrees of a sign, we wrap up the business of that sign before moving ahead into the next sign. We have been cleaning up unfinished business, with our new beginnings serving the purpose of helping to clear out the old ways.

“This New Moon is a solar eclipse in the last degrees of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. In Pisces, we surrender the mundane details of our life for the purpose of achieving wholeness of spirit. During an eclipse of the Sun, the solar conscious principle is hidden by the lunar instincts, and our archetypal spirit comes to the forefront. An eclipse in Pisces can be a powerful time for the spiritual life.”

This is an important time for finishing up your shadow work, and any unresolved issues from the past year. For we are approaching the beginning of the Zodiac at 0° Aries, with the coming of the Spring Equinox. This is known as the Aries Point and it holds enormous resonance for personal and world events. Major planetary alignments to this point usually have a global societal effect. As you certainly know by now, what we as individuals create in our personal lives is manifesting into the consensual reality in unprecedented depth and speed.

Who we are and how we live becomes the tipping point for global change. Be the change you wish to see in the world, for you do, after all, embody the exquisite Divine.

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