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Becoming Juicy – Telling the truth

©Destiny – John William Waterhouse
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being juicy is about being fully alive. And no matter what challenges life sends us, it is a choice we can always make. Sometimes we just might have to work a little harder at remembering to do it.

One of the most fundamental steps towards becoming juicy is to face and tell our truth. As author Jean Shinoda Bolen writes, in Crones Don’t Whine – Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women, juicy begins when we empower ourselves to face our fears and shadows.

For example, many men and women may have a history of abuse or some other secret from their past that brings haunting, lingering pain. But a prerequisite for juiciness is facing that pain. “At some point in their lives, [after] fearing that this truth would become known,” she writes, “we break the taboo of silence, and discover it is the beginning of wholeness. To speak the truth is to be able to say, this is who I am.”

Without that, if we do not own up to all of our parts and our true history, we cannot begin to live authentically.

And authenticity is the heart of juiciness.

Of course, those truths stay hidden because they are painful. So how do we begin to deal with them? One of my favorite authors and inspiring juicy women that I’ve mentioned here many times is SARK. She knows what she’s talking about, when it comes to facing deep pain. For although her drawings and inspirational books are full of playfulness and light, her past is full of real horror – for seven years, as a little girl, she was a victim of incest.

So her thoughts on overcoming shadows and secrets, while simple, are not flippant. “When I find myself visiting the dark caverns of despair,” she writes, “I try to roll around in the mud while I’m down there. If I can stay awake for my despair and sadness, it is a juicier voyage. Yet, I continually resist, avoid and become ‘dry and cracked’ in response to the pain.

“I notice that when I can breathe during the pain, it becomes no different than the pleasure. It is merely an experience of contraction and/or expansion, like the ocean.”
As we journey to our authenticity
, and own the broken parts, the parts that we have hidden because they are so painful, we may make some unpleasant discoveries. But juiciness comes from just continuing to breathe life and love into whatever is happening to you. And trust the process, for by opening, you also discover previously unrecognized options. More about this tomorrow!