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Ash tree spell work

The friends from my childhood again are before me
Each step brings a memory as freely I roam.

With soft whispers laden the leaves rustle o’er me

The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.
— Traditional Welsh song

The ash tree has always been revered for its mystical powers, and is frequently associated with healing and enchantment. It is a channel for the Solar forces and justice. The ash is also associated with protection from the perils of water. Ash trees grow exceptionally high, and their roots go very deep. For this reason, the ash links the Three Minds: which some may think of as the concious, Subconcious and Superconcious, or Talking Self, Younger Self and the Sacred Self. The World Tree, Yggdrasil, is an ash tree.

Much magic and healing is done with the ash. As I mentioned Friday, a staff of ash can be hung over your door frame to ward off unwelcome influences. You can also scatter ash leaves in the four directions to protect your home. And for centuries, the ash had the reputation of magically curing warts. It works by sticking a brand new pin into an ash tree (having asked permission first, of course), then removing it. You then prick the wart you wish to remove with the pin, and then replace the pin back into the tree, repeating, “Ashen tree, ashen tree, Pray take this wart off me.” You should use a new pin for each wart.

Ash is understood to have special magic concerning water, so it was the wood of choice for oars in Wales and Ireland. Of course, it is incredibly strong and elastic, which also makes it ideal for this purpose . If you wish to use it for protection from drowning when traveling across water, you can carve a piece of ash wood into the shape of a solar cross (an equal-armed cross) and carry it with you. Healing wands are also often carved out of ash wood and healing poppets can be carved from its roots.

Also, to prevent or heal illness, sprinkle some ash leaves into a bowl of charged water and place it under the bed overnight. The next morning, the water and leaves should be discarded outside on open ground. Repeat this procedure each evening until health is restored. Its leaves can also be sewn into small sachets and worn as health or protection charms. To win the love of your desired one, carry some loose ash leaves in your pockets.

In addition to oak, ash is often the Yule log of choice. By burning it at Yule, you will ensure prosperity. And if you want your newborn child to be a good singer, bury his or her first nail trimmings under an ash tree.

However, not all the ash tree merits are good. Under its canopy, the air can sometimes be stifling and unpleasant, and its roots have been known to sour the ground beneath it, making it impossible for other plants to flourish. And do bear in mind that the ash tree has a particular affinity with lightning, which it attracts. Under an ash tree is not the place to be during an electrical storm.

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