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An ending…

Grey snow,
flooded by the rays of sun,
thaws slowly,
in the rhythm of the spring birds…
— Valentin Gabriel Cristea

Today is the last day of winter. For the past year, every day, I have been celebrating each season by writing about its accompanying Element. Last Spring, we moved together through the realms of the Guardian of Air, and learned about magical sound, scent, and the winged ones; in the Summer, we explored the Element of Fire, with journeys through creativity, energy, and the magical hearth.

Last Autumn, we honored Water’s gifts of love, emotions, intuition, and healing. And over the Winter, it has been the time of giving thanks for Earth’s blessings of the physical world, our bodies, our homes. For the Guardian of the North brings us the gifts of work, and abundance, as well as the energy of the dark, fertile womb of the Mother, the realm of plants, animals and the Wild.

So today, that year long exploration draws to an end. I give thanks to all my readers and visitors who have shared their enthusiasm and interest in this devotional practice. It has been an enormous learning experience for me and I hope a valuable gift for you, as well. For that, most of all, has been its intention.

I hope you will find time today to walk through your neighborhood or yard, or a nearby park, and feel the shifting forces, as Winter gives way to a new Spring time. We stand at one of the most miraculous turning points of the Great Wheel of the Year. Prepare today to cross tomorrow’s magical threshold by knowing deeply from whence you come.

Thank you, dear visitors.

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