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Becoming Juicy – Getting Stuck

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours. — Eric Idle On our journey to juiciness, we may discover parts that are not what we would wish for. But knowing and living in our own truth, no matter what, is theContinue reading Read more

Becoming Juicy – Telling the truth

©Destiny – John William WaterhouseThe only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.— Ralph Waldo Emerson Being juicy is about being fully alive. And no matter what challenges life sends us, it is a choice we can always make. Sometimes we just might have to work a little harderContinue reading Read more

The Green Veil Descends

If the Angel deigns to come,it will be because you have convinced her,not by tears, but by your humble resolveto be always beginning:to be a beginner.— Rainer Maria Rilke What a perfect morning to write about being juicy! The skies are a gentle gray, and a cool drizzling rain has brought an end to theContinue reading Read more

The Juicy Crones

©Uldis ZemzarisI cross space and time,Holding the threads of life and death,Mistress of endings and beginnings I am completion of the CycleMaiden….. Mother….. Crone…..I have come as the Goddess,And in me… all life renewsAll things are possible The Crone comes dancingSilently, powerfully, relentlessly,To all.— From Chants to the Goddess, The Goddess 2000 Project Thanks toContinue reading Read more

Juicy Wise Women

© Renee New Hejazeen Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.Ask yourself what makes you come alive,and then go and do that.Because what the world needsis people who have come alive.— Harold Whitman Dear Beth: Spring seems like a good time to revisit juiciness. I wonder if you would consider discussing juiciness on your WebContinue reading Read more

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