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Your Tree Guardian

Tree, gather up my thoughts
like the clouds in your branches.
Draw up my soul
like the waters in your root.
In the arteries of your trunk
bring me together.Through your leaves
breathe out the sky.

Breath by J. Daniel Beaudry

Over the centuries, cultures around the world have discovered thousands of ways to bless and protect the home, using the energy of the Element of Earth and especially Her gifts of the Green Allies. These are the plant spirits and devas, with whom we are meant to cooperate and share. One of the most important ways you can work with the Guardian of the North and Earth for home blessings is to honor the trees that watch over you.

So one of the first things to do is to find your home’s tree guardians. Today, if you have trees near your house or apartment, walk through the yard and visit with them. Even if you live in an apartment where there are no trees next to the building, don’t despair. There are cases where trees up to a mile away were the guardians of a home. Remember that roots go very deep and have connections with other energies in the ground under and around your building. So finding some nearby trees will also be appropriate, and perhaps even more important, since those trees may not yet know you as intimately.

Find a tree that makes you feel good when you are near it. It may not be especially pretty, or it may be quite gorgeous. Pay attention mostly to your intuition and feelings in its presence. In my experience, almost all trees have a loving, harmonious energy they are happy share with you. But with your special home guardian tree or trees, you may have a sense that it has been waiting for you, and already knows you. Good guardian trees exude a strength and warm benevolence that is powerful and unmistakable.

So get quiet and listen with all your senses for the tree that beckons you. As you are considering, from tree to tree, you might stand with your hands flat against its bark, or wrap your arms around it. Or you might sit with your spine nestled against its trunk.

Once you have found your tree (and there may well be more than one), lean, hug, or sit connected to it. When you are physically connected, breathe, relax, and go deeper into your spirit awareness. Open your intuition to it, following its energy into the roots, and climbing up its branches. Feel the wind in its limbs, like wind in your hair. Open your heart and introduce yourself. Tell it your name, and ask for his or hers. You may detect some stories from your tree’s lifetime, stories of rain, wind, and sun; memories of birds and insects who have visited it over the years.

And then, if it feels right, ask if this tree is willing to be a protector for your home. Listen. And listen some more. Trees speak slowly, but clearly. Give him or her time. When you are ready to go, be sure to leave an offering, perhaps a feather, a shell, or other token of your friendship.

From this day on, make sure that as you pass by your tree, you greet her or him. Spend time with your tree regularly, perhaps talking over the matters in your house that concern you. Or just sit quietly and listen to the voice of your friend. Be sure to bring offerings whenever you can.

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