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You are what you think

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us.
— Winston Churchill

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “You are what you think.” This refers, not only to your conscious thoughts, but the unconscious habits, assumptions and attitudes that you carry with you. Those viewpoints are often most clearly shown in the home environment, because that is where we relax whatever roles we play in the world, and can be our most authentic selves.

Thus, our homes are a template of energy. This template creates a fundamental pattern that organizes how our personal energy flows into the wider world. We see the results of that flow in our work, wealth, relationships, and the day to day matters that play out for us. By rearranging the template, we can make profound shifts in our personal energy fields, thus making changes in our lives.

Yesterday, I invited you to consider exactly what you’d want to change, by changing the template of your home. As we begin to tap into this profound energy source, what would you like to see more of (or less of) in your outer life?

For instance, as another Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we are reminded by ads and the media of the importance of our romantic relationships. But perhaps your own love life is not what you would ideally wish for. You can make big changes in that by reviewing the suggestions I posted last month about love feng shui.

Make sure that your home has room for a vibrant new partner to feel welcome and comfortable. Does your home template send a subtle message of “I’m single and unavailable?” It does if you have a single bed in a room piled with old clutter, collections, memorabilia from past lovers, dirty clothes and who knows what-all. It does if there is no room on the couch, or heaven forbid – no couch at all, only one comfortable chair.

So give your house a walk-through. What impression would it make if you brought a new date home? And be thinking, what symbolizes openness to love and romance to you? I would bet that most people reading this would not really be favorably impressed if they went to a new date’s home and were enveloped in an Austin Powers sort of ambiance: mirrored ceilings, disco ball, dim lights, heart-shaped waterbed. At least, maybe not right off the bat!

What can you add to your home environment that represents love to you? Pink roses? Well, plant some (now is the ideal time, by the way, to order your bare root roses). Plant lots! Fill vases everywhere with them!

Or maybe you find a waterfall or table fountain a romantic touch. Or perhaps you’d enjoy pink accents in the bedroom. Try not to go overboard, of course, but arrange your house to reflect your ideals of romance and love. Again, using the feng shui ideas I discussed previously, pictures of happy couples, decorative items in pairs, and even heart-shaped pillows all bring an air of love and romance, if that is how you see it.

Because the most important thing in any magical working is your intention, and that it have meaning to you.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some ideas to enhance the template of your home for other intentions.

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