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The peace and tranquility template

Why do we love certain houses, and why do they seem to love us? It is the warmth of our individual hearts reflected in our surroundings.
— T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, British interior and furniture designer (1905-1976)

Yesterday, I suggested some ways to arrange your home to manifest your desire for more action and adventure in your life. But for some people, that is just the opposite of what they need. Perhaps they have a little too much excitement going on, and would rather their homes be havens (and attractors) of peace and tranquillity.

A recent survey showed that one of the most universal sources of stress in the home was to have a room or area that is the trouble spot – the one where the door has to stay closed when company comes. If you have a situation like that, it’s time to tackle it once and for all. Just knowing you have an “Achilles heel” in your home is a negative pressure that will drag your energy down. It also contributes to the “template effect,” which means that it attracts more chaos and messiness in your outside-the-home life as well.

Also, remember that color has a powerful impact on our awareness. Studies have proven that colors affect how we feel, although no one knows exactly why. Reds are stimulating, and we know that gazing at a warm, bright red causes the body to release more adrenaline, making blood pressure rise and heart beat faster. (One reason why red is such a popular color for Valentine’s Day hearts and flowers.)

To tone things down, you should consider the literal tones and colors you have surrounded yourself with in your home. You might want to replace the oranges and reds with more soothing blues and pastel colors. Green, the color of forest and plants, has been shown to lower blood pressure. Blue also makes us feel cooler and calmer. And you might have heard about the interesting results that have been achieved by painting prison cells pink. Used on the walls of Seattle prison cells, bright pink was shown to significantly reduce aggression among inmates. The calming effect even lingered for 30 minutes after the prisoners were released from their pink rooms.

Other suggestions for bringing a more tranquil vibe to your home include getting rid of any objects that irritate you, or disturb your happiness. Invest in an aquarium and fill it with only graceful, slow-moving fish. Play soothing music, or have a table-top fountain splashing gently. Pots of ferns create a calming energy, and also absorb any out-gassing toxins that may be in the home. Soften sharp edges with fabric, like a lace tablecloth, or a beautiful tapestry or drapes that you hang in the corners.

Select artwork that depicts Nature’s beauty or peaceful scenery. And by using natural materials, textures, and accessories throughout, you will create a more refreshing, calming energy in your home.

Consider dimmer switches, and avoid harsh lighting. Having comfortable seating with lots of soft cushions and inviting places to relax are also key ingredients for a peaceful home. Most of all, by improving the orderly, harmonious energy in your home surroundings, you are creating a peaceful template of personal energy that will attract a more orderly, harmonious sense to other areas of your life.

Perhaps along with this peacefulness, you might like to have a more spiritual or healing energy in your life. I’ll share some ideas for that tomorrow.

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