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The Home as Healing Template, Part Three

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
— Jane Austen

If you need to improve your health, then you can make your home a template for healing energy. Consider the colors of your rooms. You might want to think about changing them to clear colors and tones, rather than murky ones. Bright, clean colors can be stimulating or relaxing, depending on the mood you want to set in the particular room. By clear tones, or hues, we mean that their value has not been changed by adding grays, browns, or other dark, complex shadings. Think robin’s egg blue, rather than slate blue. The muddy olive greens and grays in some hospitals and clinics are actually a ghastly choice for places that are supposed to offer health care.

If you’ve been feeling under the weather, take a look at the artwork in your home. Pictures of rainy urban scenes, or dramatic, but less than joyful scenes from myths or stories may be dragging your energy down. For a healing template, replace them with art depicting people engaged in healthy activities, sunny meadows full of flowers, scenes of joyfulness, and wholesome, vibrant good energy.

Finally, give your home a thorough energy cleansing at least once a week. Walk through every room, toning, smudging, or using any number of other methods of clearing away the lingering psychic cobwebs of unhappiness, negativity, or illness that can build up.

In my Tarot practice, many of my clients come to my home with their worries and concerns. In order for it to be a welcoming place of healing and serenity, I have to make sure that I energetically sweep after each visitor, and I cleanse and refresh the energy throughout my house every few days.

If someone has been ill, or if there have been arguments or serious worries, it is especially important to pay attention to clearing and cleansing the residual energy on a regular basis. The more vitality, refreshing energy and harmony your home projects, the more it will align with and fulfill your desire to have health and harmony in your life.

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