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The home as a spiritual template

Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.
— Charles H. Parkhurst , clergyman and social reformer (1843-1933)

As you know, our world is moving ever deeper into the Turning of the Age, with its extreme challenges and concerns vying for our attention. Many of us feel we have been called into this life, at this time, to be healers and agents for this Awakening; we know we are Priests and Priestesses of the Dawning Age. Whether this work is, or is not directly connected to the way that you make your living, many of the people who visit this website every day are very well aware that they are here to help fend off some of the destructiveness and fear that threatens to engulf our planet. And they know they are the facilitators, midwives, cheerleaders and co-creators of the great shift that we are in the midst of.

With such a daunting task facing us every day, we may most of all seek to have our homes be a template of spiritual nourishment and replenishment. This is closely aligned with the home as an environment of healing, but the added intention of spirituality is very important. So besides utilizing many of the healing template modifications, there are a number of ways to improve the spirituality of your home.

Some people have entire rooms in their homes as their spiritual sanctuaries. They may be painted with blues, or lavenders for serenity and peacefulness, or perhaps fiery reds and oranges if your spiritual focus is more creative and passionate, or even black for going deep within.

Of course, not everyone has such an abundance of space. But everyone can find someplace where they can create a home altar. It might be centrally located or it may be in a more private nook in your home. If you are a Pagan or Witch who is “out of the broom closet,” at least among family and friends, you can build your altar in an open space in your house. But if your spiritual path is not one you feel easy having the Maytag Man discovering, you might want to keep your altar area on a cupboard whose doors can be closed to protect your privacy.

In any case, it is important to have an area of your home you enjoy coming to every day, and where you will meditate, pray, or worship in whatever ways you prefer. Tomorrow, I’ll share some more thoughts about how to set up a home altar, and arrange the sacred space of your home.

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