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The Healing Home Template, Part Two

What does the voice of fear
whisper to you?

Fear speaks to you
in logic and reason.

It assumes the language
of love itself.

Fear tells you,
“I want to make you safe.”
Love says,
You are safe.”

Emmanuel, from Emmanuel’s Book II

To make your home a template of healing, you must first pay attention to its physical qualities. How clean and pure is your water? Are there zones where the electromagnetic fields build up? Or do you have some parts of your house with minimal electrical devices where you can realign with the natural field of the Earth?

Is the air fresh and clean, or might it be musty, overly perfumey, or in some way uninviting? Sometimes, we get so used to the scents in our homes, we don’t realize that our pets, cooking smells, carpeting, and other odors may be less than refreshing to others. And even, on a subtle level, to us.

Get a reality check from a trusted friend, or neutral person who is not too shy to be blunt. At this time of year, when we keep our windows closed for months on end, it would be surprising if there weren’t some stale scents hanging around. Covering them up with heavily scented candles, air sprays and incense does not fix the problem, but can actually make it worse.

Clean and scrub out the litter box, toss out the trash, and spruce things up. If you need to, an air purifier is a good investment. And having lots of healthy houseplants is also very helpful, as they can cleanse many toxins from the air we breathe for us.

They are also helpful in the other approach to making your home a template of healing and vibrant health. Once you have aligned the fundamental physical environment, you can augment the healing energy of your home by focusing on things that enhance the emotional side of healing. Lush houseplants thriving throughout the home are powerful allies for making your home feel healthy and alive. Any that are sickly should be blessed and respectfully retired to the compost heap.

When we have been unwell, we are very vulnerable. Our physical immune system has been compromised. But our psychic and emotional immune systems may be weakened as well. So to keep them happy and strong, pay attention the things that drag on your energy.

If you feel uneasy in your own home, you are not going to feel as confident and strong about other parts of your life. And since the home is a template, projecting your assumptions and intentions into the wider world, take a look at the emotional and psychic energy that you are creating in your home.

If you live in a house where you have five or six locks on every door, every time you lock and unlock them, you are playing out a message of fear and worry. Can you instead get a sturdier door with an excellent deadbolt? I am not advising recklessness, especially if you happen to live somewhere that has a history of crimes, and you have little or no choice about moving away. That is certainly the daily reality for many people. But are there better alternatives, so you don’t feel like you are under siege every time you enter or leave your home?

Because over time, that fear penetrates our defenses, and it can contaminate our overall sense of safety and strength . Fear is the insidious enemy of love, and can contribute to a downturn in our health. Instead, make your home a place that overflows with love, and it will be one that offers healing and peace.

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