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The Healing Home Template, Part One

If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters daydreaming.
— Gaston Bachelard, Philosopher and poet (1884-1962)

long with improving the sense of peacefulness in your home, as I wrote about yesterday, you might also want to augment its energy of healing or spirituality.

To use your home as a template for better health, author Denise Linn suggests a two-way approach. First, she recommends that you take a serious look at the physical environment. In particular, take stock of the number of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are pooling in various parts of your house. They can have a profound impact on your mood, immune system, and alignment with your natural circadian rhythms.

For instance, it is a known fact that many plants and animals align themselves with the north-south line of the Earth’s axis. There are magnetic receptors in the brains of bees and some birds, and researchers have no reason to doubt that humans are also sensitive to this flow of electromagnetic energy.

But in all of our indoor environments, and increasingly even outdoors, as we are glued to iPods and cell phones, we are exposed to EMFs that disrupt this natural flow of the Earth’s field through us. The lights, computers, video screens, phone lines, appliances, and power lines that criss-cross our world are in a constant interplay with the delicate sensors in our bodies.

I’m not suggesting that you join the Amish and other people who wholly reject the use of electricity. But you might wish to have at least one or two zones in your home that are free of or minimize all electrical devices. Of course, you have lines in your walls, and unless you are willing to do some major renovations, you will need to let them be.

But get the television and computer out of your bedroom, so that while you sleep, you can reconnect to the Earth. Even when they are not turned on, or in use, they emit intense fields of energy. Or simply create a small corner of your home that is a temple of calm and natural quiet. It can be a haven where you can come back into balance.

Even better, if there is a place outdoors, on your porch, patio, or yard, away from power lines, underground cables and so forth, seek its respite on a regular basis.

Likewise, she suggests that you be more aware of the basic physical environment of your home by considering the quality of the air you are breathing and the water you drink. As I mentioned yesterday, ferns and other houseplants are known for their ability to absorb toxic particles in the air; particles that are produced from the out-gassing of materials commonly found in homes – formaldehyde in particle board and carpets, for instance.

Investing in a good air purification device is a smart choice if you want to breathe easier. Similarly, a water filtration system is a very good idea, even for people who have city water. As the recent scandal here in Durham, North Carolina shows, city officials are less than vigilant about levels of lead and other toxic materials in city water.

Fresh air, clean, pure water, and a minimum of buzzing electrical disruptions are fundamental steps to begin shifting your home into a template of health. Tomorrow, I’ll offer some additional ideas for improve it as a template for health and harmony.

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