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The Energy of Home

You can never go home again, but the truth is,
you can never leave home, so it’s all right.

— Maya Angelou

As we continue to honor this time of quiet, retreat, and the slumbering Earth, we are naturally spending much more time indoors in the sacred spaces of our home. Over the past several weeks, I have been making some suggestions about how to improve your home’s energy (and consequently, your outer fortunes) through the ancient practice of feng shui.

But there are so many other ways to understand and work with the magic of your personal nest. Are you a person who treasures antiques and family heirlooms, or do you prefer a more sleek, modern style? Perhaps you are handy with turning found objects and flea market bargains into unique, even quirky treasures.

Or you may be an artist, so your home is filled with creative works from your own imagination, as well as those of your colleagues and friends. Some people are passionate collectors, and others need spare, Zen-like empty spaces to feel comfortable.

Whatever your tastes and style, it is helpful to be aware that your home makes a very clear statement about who you are. As the environment over which you have the most control, it is the first place beyond the auric body that you impact the world. It is in your home, that your core beliefs, your dreams, and your fears all can first manifest as physicality.

When we wish to change or improve certain realities in our lives, we all know that it is important to examine and change our core beliefs, habits and assumptions. But it is also true that we can also change our outer reality first, and then our inner one will change as well. This is the main idea of behavior modification, where by acting “as if,” the change you desire will follow suit. For example, after properly preparing your material and so forth, you can act as if you are not afraid of public speaking. As you pretend you are confident, your acting can become the reality.

This same principle can apply to the home environment and impact and shape changes in your personal life. As author Denise Lynn describes this fascinating idea, in her book, Sacred Space, “By changing the energy in your home, you create an energy template. Working with your Intention and your furnishings, you can create a new pattern or template that will penetrate deep into your subconscious.”

Over the next several days, I will be sharing some ideas about how to go about this. I hope you will share your thoughts and comments as we make the journey together in this sacred time.

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