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The adventure and excitement template

You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.
— Sheila Graham

I‘ve been exploring the idea that the home is a template that sends out energetic fields that can help shape your life outside the home. Therefore, you have an opportunity to affect the changes you wish to see, by making changes in your home.

Suppose you would like to have more adventure and fun in your life. But if your home is furnished with priceless antiques, china, and heirlooms that you feel you must take constant, impeccable care of, you are certainly not creating an energy template of high spirits and taking risks.

Instead, think about exactly what sorts of ways you’d like to see your world get more lively. Do you dream of high adventure in the wilds of Africa? Then start introducing exotic masks, fabrics, faux animal prints, and big tropical houseplants in your decor. Go for big splashes of sun-drenched colors, or the feel of a rainforest, if that excites you.

Or maybe you long for days of yore, and would have been right at home in Camelot. You need not have a full-sized knight’s armor guarding your front door (unless you’d really like to), but you can buy inexpensive kits that create a leaded window look for your windows, or you could use Gothic motif patterns on your pillows or other accessories. There are lots of wonderful catalogs and websites that cater to this style, not to mention all the terrific finds you will come across at Renaissance Faires (with the one in Raleigh being less than two months away).

Some people are in love with the American desert southwest. In her book, Sacred Space, author Denise Linn writes of a friend who lives in the center of London, but when you walk into her flat, you feel transported to an adobe home in New Mexico or Arizona.

She burns sage and plays Native American flute music on the stereo. The walls have been textured and painted to look just like adobe, cactus plants thrive throughout, her floors are covered in hand woven Native American rugs, and she has beautiful paintings and artwork that echo the spirit of the American west.

Or have you always dreamed of living at the beach? There is absolutely no reason you can’t have your solidly inland home full of nautical touches, seashells, and mermaids while you wait for the magic to work. Why not paint your walls turquoise or sea green with sky blue ceilings and sandy colored carpets? By so doing, you have taken the first step towards manifesting your dream.

What is your adventurous dream? What exotic or exciting journeys would you love to call into your life? Form follows thought, and by adjusting the template of your home surroundings, you are entraining your energy with what you desire.

Of course, maybe adventure is not what you seek. Perhaps a little more peace and serenity is your cup of tea. I’ll share some ideas for that tomorrow.

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