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Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Today is Mardis Gras! Fat Tuesday is the last blow-out party before the Lent season, when Christians worldwide enter a period of sobriety and purification, leading up to Easter. In synchronicity, many Pagans already began a similar time of contemplation and cleansing at Imbolc, which will culminate in the rites of Ostara (Spring Equinox).

For this is the last period of the Winter season, which already shows many signs of the Spring now emerging, as the daylight strengthens. As it does so, the desire to cleanse, purify, and freshen the energy of our homes becomes increasingly insistent. For our homes are our most sacred temples.

Yesterday, I discussed the use of the powerful magical tool of salt for the purification and space clearing needed in our homes from time to time. You may recall that in August, while discussing the Element of Fire, I shared some lore about salt’s properties, both magical and healing. These were mostly in the context of using it for cooking and kitchen magic.

Salt is one of the great gifts from our Mother Earth, with its ability to neutralize negativity and cleanse the aura. Before any space clearing rites, it is an excellent idea to take a salt-water bath yourself, to cleanse your own energy. Author Denise Linn notes that not only does such a bath cleanse you, but the bath will interact with your own bio-electrical fields and meridian systems, enabling you to channel more energy during your rituals.

For grounding and auric cleansing, she suggests that you take two pounds of salt, or one pound of salt and one pound of baking soda, dissolve them in the bath water, and soak for at least a half hour. While more expensive aromatherapy or exotic salts are lovely, they are not necessary; plain sea salt works just fine. As you soak, relax, letting all tension dissolve, just like the salt crystals themselves.With your softened awareness, notice how the salt is cleansing every part of you.

If you like the feel of salt drying on your skin, you need not rinse off. But if it feels sticky or uncomfortable, it is fine to shower quickly off. It will not interfere with the enhancement of your bio-electrical recharge.

To enhance your ability to channel even more energy, an Epsom salt bath is recommended. Simply dissolve a pound of Epsom salts in water and soak for about ten minutes. Afterwards, it is very important to rinse in very cold water.

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