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House clearing spell

By Salt of Sea,
I call to me,
And set in motion,
This tiny ocean,
Whose briny deep,
Shall cleanse and keep
All evil deflected,
My soul protected.

— Storm Faerywolf, Feri Priest, artist,and teacher

Calling the Element of Earth into your home creates stability, abundance, and healing. Earth energy in the home can make it a shelter that will withstand life’s difficulties. When you nurture the presence of Mother Earth in your home, She will nurture you with Her strength and groundedness.

Salt is one of the great gifts from our Mother Earth, with its ability to neutralize negativity and absorb energy. It is unparalleled for space clearing and for bringing a grounded Earth energy to the home.

Yesterday, I suggested that before beginning rituals, you take a salt bath to cleanse your aura and energetic body. Once you’ve treated yourself to a purification bathing ritual, you are ready to enhance the Earth energy of your home by also clearing its energetic space.

The best salt to use for this purpose is natural salt, either sea salt, or rock salt that has not been iodized or otherwise treated. Using sea salt will, obviously, bring forth some of the energies we associate with the Element of Water – healing, compassion, and bringing about emotional and intuitive cleansing, for example.

Rock salt, on the other hand, would be a more Earthy energy, and would be more in harmony with focusing the Earth element in your home. It is ideal for enhancing groundedness, strength, abundance, and the other gifts of the Guardian of the North.

However, if you have trouble finding one or the other, their differences are pretty subtle and you can certainly use whatever is handy, for your intention is the most important ingredient.

Once you have cleansed your own body and energy, you may wish to cast a Circle, and call the Directions, or otherwise create sacred space as you normally would when doing ritual and spellwork.

Pour the salt into a bowl and bless it, asking the Earth within it to awaken. You might want to give thanks to the Earth for Her gifts of shelter, nurturance, and beauty. Then, walk from room to room in your house, starting in the easternmost corner, sprinkling a tiny pinch of salt into each room’s corners, and saying words like, “Sacred salt of Earth and Sea, Clear this room that we may be free.” Use whatever words feel right to you, and come from your own heartfelt needs.

After sprinkling in the corners of the room, go to the room’s center and walk in a spiral (preferably counterclockwise), and notice if there are any places where the energy feels “stuck,” or cold, or blocked. Another little sprinkle in those spots will absorb the negativity.

Repeat this process throughout your home. Use your intuitive powers, open your heart, and listen to your Guides as you do this work. You might sing, or chant as you move from room to room. When you have completely walked through the house, you might seal the spell with words like,

Mother Earth beneath us all
Hear me now, answer my call.
Enter my home, this sacred place.
Bless all who live in this healing space.

Thanking those Who have been aiding you in this work, open your Circle, as is your usual custom.

Afterwards, it is fine to vacuum up the salt, although you may wish to leave a bit in the corners, to continue enfolding you in protection and purification.

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