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Home blessings with salt

Ever mind the Rule of Three,
Three times your deeds return to thee.
This lesson well, thou must learn,
Thee only gets what thou does earn!

Calling the Element of Earth into your home creates stability, abundance, and healing. Earth energy in the home can make it a shelter that will withstand life’s difficulties. When you nurture the presence of Mother Earth in your home, She will nurture you with Her strength and groundedness. Using salt for clearing and grounding your home with protective, strengthening Earth energy is a time-honored practice in almost all cultures.

Salt has always been used as protection against psychic attacks, and to disable unwanted psychic phenomena. If, as many are discovering, you have children who are extremely gifted with intuition and the “indigo” or “crystal” awareness, they may be having difficulty adjusting and understanding their gifts. Salt sprinkled in the bedroom will help. It can be particularly effective for little ones who are being disturbed by psychic dreams and nightmares.

Conversely, it can counteract overactive psychic disturbances that may be discharging unwelcome energy, due to lack of control, such as can be sometimes found with very sensitive youngsters and teenagers.

Do bear in mind, however, that salt dampens all psychic energy forms – it doesn’t distinguish between “good” or “bad” psychic energies. So if you are actively practicing magic or shamanic work, handle and disperse it with care, so that it doesn’t accidentally interfere with your work.

For example, if you are seeing an increase in the number of accidents and spills in your kitchen, salt sprinkled in the corners can break the cycle. But if you routinely use your kitchen for spellwork, unless you make magical arrangements otherwise, that same salt could dampen the clarity and connection you desire.

As most know, your (water safe) magical tools and crystals should be cleansed regularly by immersing them in salt water, although crystals kept on a bed of salt or on a salt box require less, or no clearing at all. In fact, a box containing salt can be used to purify anything that is placed upon it.

In addition, bowls of salt may be placed into a room to absorb negative energy or psychic energy disturbances. When I am offering multiple readings throughout the day, with minimal time to clear in between (such as when I am at Dancing Moon Bookstore), I always have a bowl of sea salt to absorb the emotional and psychic energy from one reading to the next. I make sure that it does not interfere with the clarity of my readings, but it certainly drains the “charge” from the sometimes volatile energy in my sessions, as well as absorbing any lingering energetic echoes from other readers who have used that space.

To further strengthen and protect your home with sacred Earth energy, I recommend sprinkling salt on every threshold in the home, including all doors and windows, for these are some of the most magical, but vulnerable, places in your home. It doesn’t have to be so much that your family is tracking it all over the house. But in ritual space, and having been blessed by your intention, just a little dab will do you.

Your home is your refuge. Just as you would buy strong locks for your doors, you also want protect and bless your home using the Earth’s gifts. Besides salt, tomorrow I’ll share some other ways to enrich your home’s energy using the power of the Element of Earth.

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  • September 1, 2008, 11:54 am Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your great article. I have been looking for ways to “turn off” my psychic senses for years!

    But I have a question. By “sprinkling salt” around the house are you referring to regular table salt (the one we use to cook) or is it a different kind of salt. If it is a different kind of salt where do I find it?