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Home as spiritual template – continued…

Eden is that old-fashioned house we dwell in every day,
Without suspecting our abode, until we drive away.
— Emily Dickinson

The home is a template that sends out energetic fields that can help shape your life outside the home. Therefore, you have an opportunity to affect the changes you wish to see, by making changes in your home. If you, as a healer, light-worker, or facilitator of the turning of the Age, wish to have more spiritual energy in your life, make your home a template of spirituality.

To do this, you should first enhance your home’s healing energy, as I wrote about several days ago. In addition, there are other specific ways to make your home a template of spirituality.

Having photographs or paintings that represent teachers or spiritual people that you admire is a time-honored practice in many homes. Place these in locations which will be steady reminder to your subconscious self of the values they embody. For instance, a photo of someone who you admire, or whose teachings you are studying, placed next to your bed will make it the first and last image you see every day.

Of course, not everyone likes gurus or the idea of any particular human having this kind of spiritual authority, so instead, you might have images of Nature, angels, saints, Gods or Goddesses, or beautiful temples, to represent your beliefs.

But one of the most important ways to shift the energy in your home towards spirituality is to have a devotional area. As I mentioned yesterday, it is completely up to you whether this area is available openly at all times, or whether it needs to be, for any number of reasons, a place that can be closed and put away at times. If you are fortunate, you may be able to turn a whole room into your spiritual sanctuary. But that is not required, for certainly, since ancient times, even the most humble homes have had their small family altars.

Your altar should be personal, as elaborate or simple as delights your spirit. All that is required are symbols or objects that represent your connection to the Divine. A beautiful cloth, candles and a bowl of flowers can be just as inspiring as piles of magical tools, carvings, statues, crystals, and complicated mystical doo-dads. (Although there is no doubt that one of the very fun things about being a Witch is that it is a path that offers so many lovely ritual accessories!)

Find a place of honor – a shelf, a cabinet, a small table top – and then make it the spiritual center of your home. You will be entraining with spiritual energy here, aligning yourself deeply with your beliefs and values that will then radiate out into the world. This is where your soul comes to be refreshed and re-energized. So, like your bedside table, you might have photos or paintings of religious leaders or teachers that you honor. If Nature is your beloved one, then special objects from Her should be there. Whatever helps you connect to your Source can be placed here. Just make sure that all the messages of the symbols in this place are in harmony with your faith.

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