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Blessings of the New Moon

Dark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon

What we envision

Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light.

I‘ve been exploring the idea that the home is a template that sends out energetic fields that can help shape your life outside the home. If you wish to have more spiritual energy in your life, make your home a template of spirituality.

In some final thoughts about making your home a template for a more spiritually focused life, consider having a home altar. Throughout the world, through the ages, families have always kept small shrines or altars as an important part of the home. In fact, until our secular modern culture came to dominate, such areas of worship were as fundamental as a sleeping space or kitchen. Wiser people than us have always reserved a nook or table or cupboard for honoring and communing with the Divine, the ancestors, and the Wise and Mysterious Ones.

So bringing this practice into your home is a time-honored one that will shift the energy, both in your home, and beyond its walls, for a deeper connection to All That Is.

Some people have several altars throughout their homes. For instance, last summer, in my discussions of the Element of Fire, I suggested a kitchen altar. This altar could be your main one, especially if you are a kitchen Witch. But you might also want to have a main, all-purpose one. It will set the tone for your template of spirituality, so consider your intentions and desires carefully.

Many people like to change their altars as the seasons or phases of the Moon change. Using different altar cloths, rotating various symbols or objects, changing the candle colors and flowers, are all satisfying ways to re-charge the altar’s meaning for you.

Even though the rest of your house might occasionally become a bit untidy or cluttered, make sure your altar does not. It should be cleared and refreshed regularly. No dust covered poppets, or candle stubs from workings you can’t quite recall, please. If there is a long-term working you have going there, this does not mean you shouldn’t still touch it, dust it, or move it. In fact, the more often you visit and refresh it, the more powerful the results will be.

With the New Moon today, this is an ideal time to build or charge your altar. This is the Aquarius New Moon, coming right at the end of the Water-Bearer’s annual visit. Astrologer Lisa Dale Miller notes that “The Aquarius New Moon is all about individuation and freethinking. It is a time to get free of self-imposed restrictions and think out of the box! Use your ritual to indulge in the “what ifs” of life: Question expectations, career choices, relationships, attitudes, desires and commitments. It’s all up for grabs on this New Moon.

“Let your mind and heart soar like an eagle to places it has never dared go. The Aquarius/Pisces planetary conjunctions are extremely helpful for doing powerful ritual work to realize a long held dream… this New Moon, commit to changing your life and you will change the world. Ride the wave of this mind-altering, life-altering New Moon Cycle.”

What a perfect time to focus your intentions, free yourself of negative patterns, and, by enhancing your home as a spiritual template, deepen yourself as a spiritual presence in the world around you.

Heaven knows, we need you.

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