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January 30, 2007

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
— Luciano Pavarotti

Some more brief tips about improving your health and prosperity through wise feng shui in your dining room include the arrangement of the tables and chairs. For instance, as I mentioned previously, make sure there is ample space for people to come and go, and to easily pull out their chairs for sitting and standing. Also, make sure that your chairs do not restrict doorways.

Ideally, you should have an even number of dining chairs and remember to seat an honored guest facing the doorway. Dining chairs with a horseshoe shaped back are ideal feng shui as this shape represents the “Dragon embracing the Tiger.”

If your dining room has no windows, a chandelier or a ceiling fan will assist the flow of Qi. A round dining table is the most auspicious shape for your dining room since its smooth edges will allow good Qi flow. The next best choice would be square-shaped dining tables. Again, make sure that your dining table isn’t so huge as to make your dining area feel cramped and uncomfortable. Remember that having easily flowing Qi is the most important idea in feng shui, so keep things spacious and open.

For a guaranteed successful dinner party, performing a Qi cleansing ritual will ensure a good flow of positive Qi, as well as provide your dinner with an extra sparkle and dose of good energy. Singing bowls, striking a chime, or bells are excellent ways to perform this cleansing, since you probably don’t want to smudge with smoke that would linger and interfere with the (hopefully!) delicious aromas of the food you are serving.

In between meals, though, it is advisable to clear the energy with smoke, particularly sandalwood incense. Especially perform this if there have been unhappy discussions or arguments at the table. Once a week is a very good maintenance schedule for the room if you are using it regularly.

Last but not least, the auspicious Three Star Gods, Fu, Lu and Shou (spelling may vary) denote happiness, wealth and longevity feng shui. They are always a welcome, unobtrusive addition to your dining room decor. Be sure you have them placed at an elevated height, from which they can shower your meals with blessings.

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