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January 29, 2007

Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.
— M. F.K. Fisher

Yesterday, I mentioned that having paintings of food or a mirror in the dining room can be helpful for amplifying prosperity, because they improve the flow of Qi (the life force energy that is in all things). Make sure that the mirror reflects something attractive: a nice piece of furniture, fruit or flowers, or perhaps a view out a window. A mirror that reflects what’s on the table visually doubles your food, and symbolically doubles your money. Keep in mind, though, that if your dining table is covered with clutter or unfinished projects, the mirror will double the mess and workload.

Do your evening meals often feel rushed, or like the time pressures from the day seem to carry over into the dinner hour? Try removing all clocks and calendars from the dining room and reposition them in other rooms so they can’t be seen from the table. This will help you slow down and enjoy a calmer dining experience.

If your dinner conversations tend to focus on past issues, particularly those that are stressful, try clearing all unnecessary old objects from the dining room. Boxes of old papers and photographs will especially contribute to holding negative energy from the past. Getting rid of them will encourage your family to open up about what’s happening in their lives right now.

Certainly you will want to keep your grandmother’s china, or the family silver, or special family portraits in the dining room, but only if they are loved and treasured. If not, store them or find new homes for them. Just like in all other areas of feng shui, objects with negative associations of guilt, anger or conflict affect your intimate home space, and the energy field of your own body. This, in turn, plays out in your public life as well.

For those “ancestral” items that you wish to keep, consult a feng shui expert, or one of the many books available to determine from a ba-gua where the Family sector of your room is. Then, concentrate those objects in that location, rather than distributing them throughout the room. You are creating a space, in fact, where you honor your ancestors, and cherish them. This brings very fortunate blessings.

Speaking of your good china and other treasures, it is very important to use your beautiful table linens and good silverware from time to time. In feng shui terms, by doing so, you are keeping the good energy flowing around them. Enjoying your abundance sends a powerful message to the Universe that you do not fear it will be snatched away from you.

Instead, you should delight in what is beautiful and special in the present, instead of always waiting for some vague time later on. So, plan a special sit-down-together dinner with your partner or family one night a month (or more often, if you can). Pull out the “good” china and silver. Making this a regular event reinforces how special your loved ones are to you and generates very positive Qi.

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