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January 27, 2007

You should conduct yourself in life as at a feast.
— Epictetus (55 – 135 C.E.)

The ancient art of feng shui in our homes affects the energy that manifests in our outer, public lives as well. So here are some ways to ensure that positive life force energy, called Qi, or Chi, is what is flowing through your home.

Closely intertwined with the feng shui of the kitchen, the dining room should not be overlooked as the source of Qi that affects your health and prosperity.

As feng shui author Stephanie Roberts writes, “Today, the dining room is often one of the most neglected rooms in the house; either it is a formal space that is rarely used, or it has been taken over for use as a home office or projects space. Busy schedules and multiple-careers can make it almost impossible for families to share dinner together on a regular basis. From a feng shui perspective, we are missing out on an important and once sacred aspect of life. Paying attention to the feng shui of your dining space can help to remedy that.”

In many homes, formal dining spaces are an afterthought, at best. But if yours is cramped, it can put unpleasant pressure on the relationships in your family. It can also interfere with your digestion.

As usual, feng shui experts insist that de-cluttering is the most important, most fundamental step you can take to improve the energy. Assuming you have done this (and of course, you have, right?) try not to have too many heavy, dark, old furnishings, particularly if you are squeezing it into a small space. It will result in a heavy, dark feeling and will block the flow of positive Qi.

The dining room is an exception to the usual feng shui guideline of leaving some open space in the center of every room. In this case, the dining table should be centered, with equal space on all sides (or as closely as possible). Make sure everyone has plenty of room to sit down at and get up from the table. Bumping into walls or furniture is not only annoying, it creates an impoverished energy.

The flow of energy through the dining room should be gentle but not stagnant. It’s good to have two doors to the dining room to allow the Qi to circulate. However, like all doorways in feng shui terms, if you have doors that are directly opposite one another, the Qi will move straight through and out of the room, like a wind tunnel, without leaving any beneficial energy. This can be deflected by hanging a multi-faceted crystal ball or even a crystal chandelier over the center of the dining table. As a bonus, this remedy also will help people with eating disorders to develop healthier habits.

Tomorrow, I’ll share even more tips for making your dining room Qi delicious!

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