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January 26, 2007

All things in the universe have a language.
It is not they who must learn to speak, it is we.

— Author unknown

We continue to honor the Element of Earth, the Guardian of the North and Winter, time of hearth and home. The wise use of feng shui in the kitchen improves the flow of wealth into your life, and enhances the wholesomeness of the foods you eat. Here are some more easy ways to ensure that positive life force energy, called Qi, or Chi, is what is flowing through your kitchen.

Make sure you empty your refrigerator regularly. Not only is this important for good Qi, it is a safety concern as well. Although 89% of Americans rate food safety as a top priority, even higher than concerns about crime, a recent survey by the FDA estimated that 80% of consumers do not date-label their leftovers, and 60% do not know that the temperature of the refrigerator should be at or below 40° F. This is what leads to those unpleasant surprises when we find exotic and unidentifiable items lurking in the back of the fridge.

To enhance the positive energy while you do this chore, especially if you should discover any disgusting or frightening contents, have a candle burning nearby. It will bring good Qi and calm vibes. Keep only the freshest food; for instance, stale condiments, even if they are not expired, have stale Qi. While you keep your food nice and cold in a cooler, wipe all the inner surfaces with a clean sponge and fresh water. Some baking soda mixed in the water gives everything a really fresh, bright cleansing, and you might want to also add a drop or two of vanilla essence to the cleaning water. Don’t add too much, though, as it may leave the surfaces sticky.

Speaking of cleaning, be sure you always clean up spills around the oven, stove and microwave as soon as they occur. In feng shui terms, spills in these areas increase disagreements and bad energy in the household.

Feng shui experts also advise that we not sit near our microwave or toaster, and it is preferable to not have them overhead in some way. This can cause emotional stress and family arguments.

If you are having financial struggles, you can ease the situation by sweeping and/or mopping your kitchen floor more regularly. Once a week is suggested for maintenance, so more would be needed for significant improvement.

Feng shui advisor Stephanie Roberts writes, “Since nine is a feng shui power number, and oranges symbolize good luck, you can bring good luck energy into the kitchen by placing nine of the biggest, roundest, most perfectly orange oranges you can find in a bowl in the center of the room, on top of the stove (yes, you can move them while you are cooking), or in the far left corner of the room. Always keep some oranges on hand, so each time you take one from the bowl you can add another to keep the total number at nine. Be sure to use the older oranges first, so none of them rot or dry out; if it’s not good to eat, it’s not good feng shui!”

When your kitchen is clean, bright, and welcoming, the heart of your home is filled with good feng shui. The care and attention you give to enhancing this important area of the home creates a powerful, positive energy that supports the health and prosperity of your family.

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