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January 25, 2007

Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.
— Rene Dubos

The wise use of feng shui in the kitchen improves the flow of wealth into your life, and enhances the wholesomeness of the foods you eat. Here are some more easy ways to ensure that positive life force energy, called Qi, or Chi, is what is flowing through your kitchen.

Keep waste baskets clean and out of sight . Be sure to empty the garbage and recycle every night, as this will open the door for new opportunities. Stagnant Qi can also take the form of smell. Bad or stale smells will drain your kitchen of vibrant, healthy Sheng (good) Qi.

As I discussed yesterday, toss all foods that are past their expiration dates. Don’t wait for Spring to Spring-clean your cupboards. You should do it every six months or so, and a cold winter’s afternoon is the perfect time. Put on some upbeat music, brew a pot of something cozy and start clearing. Investing just a few dollars in lazy susans or those inexpensive pantry organizers in all the home improvement stores will pay off bigtime. They make it easy to reach all the items in the back, cut down the clutter, and will help you avoid having six different tins of pumpkin pie spice. Organized cabinets are extremely important for having good Qi present.

When possible, have any shelves that protrude out fitted with rounded corners. This will prevent sharp, negative Qi that “cuts” into your body and the general flow. Be sure to check out your kitchen for any sharp corners or parts that stick out in a threatening kind of way – these would be known as “poison arrows” in feng shui and are very unfortunate. If you can’t eliminate them, they can be remedied with wind chimes, bamboo flutes, or perhaps feng shui crystals hung strategically above them.

Bowls of fresh fruit and flowers are symbols of good health and vitality. They are great ways of attracting quality Sheng Qi into your kitchen and food. But by the same token, make sure old fruit and dying flowers are thrown out immediately, as they are magnets for Sha Qi – very negative energy.

Recycle or donate your chipped plates. Chipped crockery attracts stagnant Qi, and will block the flow of wealth energy in your outside life.

Think about the surfaces in your kitchen. For instance, cork flooring is gentle and more Yin in energy. This will enable you to spend more time, calmly and comfortably in your kitchen. The very popular trend to have lots of stainless steel and ceramic tiles brings more Yang energy to the kitchen and can create fast moving Qi. This may not be ideal if you want to spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It may leave you feeling drained or tired. Adding more wood surfaces, or other softer textures can help, and generally are also ideal for the kitchen.

It is poor feng shui to have your stove and sink located next to each other; water and fire never go together . But if it can’t be helped, then put a small plant or pot of herbs in between. This will weaken the unfortunate influence. And even more quick, easy tips tomorrow!

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