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January 24, 2007

Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.
— Benjamin Disraeli

We continue to honor the Element of Earth, the Guardian of the North and Winter, time of hearth and home. The art of feng shui is one way to have our homes reflect our Higher Self and enhance the home’s positive life force energy, called Qi. And according to the principles of feng shui, the kitchen is the most important room for creating prosperity and abundance.

I know I sometimes sound like a broken record (or CD?), but feng shui experts are unanimous and nearly fanatical on this one: clear all clutter. Like the bedroom, the kitchen is a room that tends to collect a lot of junk and clutter. Countertops, undersink cabinets, and junk drawers become jammed with empty containers, old mail, pieces of things you are going to fix someday once you remember what they are, the last few drops of a special cleaning solution you bought nine years ago but might need at any moment, and other stuff.

The pack rat mentality (with which, by the way, I truly do sympathize), is something I’ll be writing about it in more detail later during this time of the Earth Element, but for now, it may help to know that in feng shui, it contributes to financial jams and cash flow problems.

Be ruthless. Recycle, toss, or give away all items which you haven’t used in a year and a half. Unused gifts and wrong purchases often make us feel twinges of guilt as they sit there, collecting dust. These negative feelings, in turn, build up stagnant Qi. This not only affects the room in which the items are located, but if they are in your kitchen, they are impacting the general flow of prosperity and abundance in your life. Besides, there are not that many of us who have so much extra counter and cabinet space in our kitchens that we can just let unloved things pile up.

In addition, clutter itself attracts stagnant Qi resulting in harmful influences in your food. The energy you harbor in your kitchen goes right into what you eat, which, in turn, you carry in your body. This can contribute to a host of digestive ailments, lackluster emotions, and low energy.

Speaking of food, in a recent article, it was estimated that if people would sort through their pantries and fridges and throw out all of the food and spices that are past their expiration dates, in the typical kitchen they would have emptied out at least half of the food in the house. For example, in a recent ad campaign, the McCormick Spice Company pointed out that, with the exception of black pepper, if you still have any of their products in the red and white rectangular tins, those spices are at least fifteen years old!

And on their bottled products, if you check and the manufacturing location is Baltimore, MD, that bottle is also at least fifteen years old! Time to toss ‘em into the compost bin!

Now that you have all this new found room in your cabinets, feng shui experts advise that you keep your kitchen well stocked with plenty of food. When we have our cupboards filled with fresh food, we feel more abundant and prosperity flows into our life. Only have items in your kitchen that are used regularly and do not get in the way. Rearrange what you do have in ways that make your kitchen tasks easy, elegant, and joyful. For lots of great organizing tips, visit here.

And then, dear readers, divest with gratitude, clear your space and make room for new abundance to enter.

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