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January 23, 2007

Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving.
— Auntie Mame

In addition to adding some personal touches and updating some of your kitchen utensils and accessories, another very important feng shui enhancement is to be sure all leaks are fixed. Water energy is a major factor in feng shui that affects your money flow, as well as your emotional reactions to all life situations. Leaky faucets and refrigerators that drip will create money “leaks.”

By the way, while having fish tanks or bowls in some areas of the home is a very favorable feng shui enhancement, you should not have them in the kitchen (nor the bedroom or bathroom, either). In those locations, they will create a financial drain.

Another helpful way to boost the good Qi is to create the illusion of space. If your kitchen is not open and spacious, raise the wattage of the already existing lighting, then add additional lights under the cabinets. Even a small, unbreakable table lamp on the countertop can be helpful. Also, if possible, add a mirror to a section of the walls to expand the space.

Make sure that your kitchen tools (bowls, pots, dishes) are easily accessible. And all your cabinets and drawers should open and close properly. Having them clunk into something that is in the way, or squeaking noisly, or heaven forbid, hanging precariously off the track or hinge is annoying and this builds up the negative Qi. Being able to move about in an easy manner as you reach for pots, pans, and pull ingredients from the cupboards creates a stress-free, harmonious flow.

In feng shui, it is best if your kitchen is not located in the center of the house, but instead, on an outer wall. If this is the case and your kitchen falls into the general center of your floor plan, it can be a contributing factor to digestive and stomach upsets, intestinal problems, money losses and overall anxiety. To offset this problem, hang a brass wind chime (or a feng shui crystal on a 9-inch red string) from the center of the kitchen ceiling. In addition, add a mirror or mirrored tiles to at least one or two of the kitchen walls.

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