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Jan. 4, 2007

Between the idea
And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow
— T.S. Eliot

Even as the daylight grows, the first Full Moon of 2007 has come and gone and Her light now begins to wane. For all things are ever in motion. It is the embracing of the fact of change that is the only path to serenity.

For millennia, wise people who live close to the land have known that the Moon’s energy affects what we do, and how well our intentions may come to pass. For instance, every modern Farmer’s Almanac still published shows the waxing and waning Moon rhythms, because most gardeners and farmers know that planting and reaping by the Moon’s waxing or waning energy, or even by the zodiac sign it is in, affects the results.

During the waning Moon, as we can clearly see by the tides of the oceans, things are in an ebb flow. So this is not the time to start something new, but a great time for finishing things you started at the New Moon (which was Dec. 20). If you wish to work with the energies at this time, author Barbara Ardinger advises, just keep in mind that the magickal tides are going out. So, for example, if you are working a prosperity spell, now that the Full Moon has come and gone, you would want to shift the focus from what you wish to increase (money), and instead work with what you wish to decrease (debt, or worries about lack, for instance).

The waning Moon is an especially auspicious time for cleansing, banishing, and letting go. Lovely Winter is the time of the element of Earth, and is ideal for clearing clutter, both physical and energetic, in your home.

So over the next several days, riding the ebb tide of the Moon’s waning, I’ll be writing about some ideas for decreasing the stress and negativity that can gunk up the energy in your home, as well as in your spirit. By the New Moon week after next, we will be truly ready for a fresh start to our magical new year.

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