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Jan. 12, 2007

Wind speaks
conversation of green mornings

flower talk

long nights in woods

of creeks day glistening

conferring with conifers

Silence– the voice of air

kissing his

friend sun

lover moon…

— Dolores Kozielski, certified Feng Shui consultant

Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, which is used to attract and conduct harmonious Qi. Qi is the life-force energy that runs through all things. Having ill-favored, stuck, or stale Qi can have a harmful influence on all of your fortunes, including business deals, personal wealth, and well-being. It also undermines your ability to attract and maintain a joyful and fulfilling romantic attachment. So I have been writing about how to use the principles of feng shui to open your home to Qi in order to improve your love life.

Yesterday, I discussed some tips for clearing away the lingering energy of an ended love affair, particularly from your bedroom. You need not toss out all the cherished reminders or mementos of your former love, but do get rid the ones that have unhappy energy. And by all means, get them out of your bedroom. Every trace, even that box in the back of the closet and those love letters under the bed.

Once you are ready to seek a new partner in your life, there are a number of ways to have your bedroom energized for that step. And no, they do not involve trapeze equipment, ceiling mirrors and miles of red velvet (unless you’re into it, of course).

In feng shui, when you are actively looking for a partner, your key task is to create space for a new romance. If your closets, dresser drawers, and bathroom shelves are filled up with your own stuff, there is no room on an energetic level for someone new to come in.

That’s why the best way to attract a new romance is to literally make space for it. Empty out at least one dresser drawer for your next partner’s clothes. Make space in the closet, in the bathroom cabinet, and on bookcase shelves.

When you have met a “likely prospect” and want to nurture that new relationship, your key task is to ensure that your bedroom supports romance. Make sure that you clear any clutter blocking the path from the front door of your home to the door of your bedroom. You are making a conduit for the Qi, which enters your house from the front door, to flow easily to the bedroom. By doing this, the energy in your bedroom will be fresh and strong.

In addition, Feng shui consultant Stephanie Roberts tells us, “In feng shui, the symbolism of what we see is very important, so make sure your bedroom says ‘romance’ in some way.”

These are the high priority areas on which you should focus:
* what you first see when you enter the bedroom

* the wall across from the foot of the bed

* the relationship area of the room (this will depend on a number of factors, including what school of feng shui you are reading about or that your consultant works with).

Just about anything that means romance to you can be appropriate feng shui imagery for your bedroom. Traditional romantic symbols such as hearts, cupids, and pictures of happy couples always work well. But if that seems a bit too obvious, a statue or painting of your favorite Gods or Goddesses of love is a great addition. And you might try hanging a faceted feng shui crystal in the relationship area or over your bed. If sunlight hits it and sparkles rainbows through your room, so much the better!

Look for opportunities to group objects in pairs, such as placing two pink or red candles or a bud vase with two red silk roses on your bedside table. Pale green is also a good color for new romance, as green is a traditional color of the heart chakra.

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