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Jan. 11, 2007

The winds are mild,
The sun is bright,
The water is clear,
The trees are lush.
— Ancient Chinese Poem, thought to be the first
written record of feng shui principles

Today we focus on ways to enhance the bedroom, using the principles of feng shui, to clear the way for loving energy to flow more freely into your life.

A key principle of feng shui is that everything is connected energetically. This energy is referred to as Qi (sometimes spelled “chi”). What we create in our most private environment at home sends out energy to the greater world we live in. Not only are your thoughts, feelings, and behavior influenced by your home surroundings, the energy in your home affects your energetic presence in other areas of your life as well.

For instance, a dark, airless bedroom, strewn with dirty clothes and other clutter, contributes to an atmosphere of fatigue and depression. This can, in turn, make it seem too difficult to find the energy to clean it up. So it just gets worse, more discouraging, and a general atmosphere of, “What’s the use?” sets in.

In feng shui terms, this situation also undermines your ability to attract and maintain a joyful and fulfilling romantic attachment. Feng shui problems can even affect your reputation, making it harder to meet new people, and can lead to misunderstandings and arguments, which will not exactly enhance your love life.

Improving Sha Qi (pronounced shah chee; meaning “killing or destructive energy)” is crucial if you want more prosperity, health and happiness in your life. Sha Qi also presents a serious obstruction if you are looking for a harmonious love relationship.

For example, if you have recently ended a serious relationship, you may need a period of healing and self-reflection before starting to date again, no matter how eager you are to connect with your next partner. Maybe you have no trouble finding dates, but can’t seem to meet the right kind of person. Or perhaps you’re seeing someone exclusively, but seem to be stuck just short of commitment.

According to a recent article by feng shui consultant Stephanie Roberts, there are some quick ways you can apply basic feng shui principles to increase your chances of success in various stages of the relationship cycle:

“When you need to recover from a break-up before moving on, your key task is to let go of the old relationship and reconnect with who you are as an individual. In feng shui terms, relics from past relationships – such as photographs, clothes, and mementos – hold you in the past. The stronger that old energy is, the harder it will be to move on to someone new. Remove anything that reminds you of a past failed relationship from your bedroom. This includes things that are out of sight in your closet, in a dresser drawer, or under the bed.

“Pillows, mattresses, and bedding absorb your energy over time, so when a marriage or live-in relationship ends, it’s a good idea to buy new sheets and pillows and even a new mattress if you can afford it, to help you make a fresh start. New bedding is also a good idea if you have been single and lonely for a long time. Pamper yourself during this stage, and try to do at least one thing every day just because it makes you happy.”

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