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A Review of Past Tarot Years – 2005

Tarot Year of the Chariot – 2005

This is one of several articles I am inserting about past Tarot Years, from 2004-2006. They were originally articles I wrote on my now defunct blog location. I hope you’ll find them interesting and helpful.
~ Beth

The numerology of your birthday, or of a particular year, may correspond to the tarot, particularly the Major Arcana (the trumps). Using this system, we can learn about some of general traits and patterns that can be anticipated in a given year.

In 2004, we experienced the challenges and joys of a year ruled by The Lovers. While romantic love is the obvious indication in the Lovers card, its deeper meanings have to do with making choices, and whether our choices are rooted in what we love, or what we fear. For better or worse, we have seen political choices made that will certainly change the face of the world in the coming years. For a long time, analysts will continue to debate to what extent those choices were motivated by what is best in us, or what is worst.

But the Wheel of Time moves on. Welcome, 2005 — the year of The Chariot.

The Chariot’s energy is largely about moving forward, based on the choices made in the Lovers year.

As you can see, the driver is attempting to master two opposing forces or energies. So, difficulties will arise, but our conflicts need to be reigned in, if progress is to be made. Instead, self-discipline and self-control will be key factors for success. Tempers could be edgy, especially if there are setbacks.

But as long as we stay on an even keel, those opposing forces can work in tandem, bringing the balance needed to move ahead. Chariot years are very goal-oriented. This is a time for learning mastery of skills, as well as coping with the changes set in motion by the Lovers year choices.

Alexandra Genetti says in The Wheel of Change Tarot, “The Chariot card impels us to discover the power within ourselves, not by steamrollering those around us, but by using our vital energy toward solutions that are inclusive, productive and sustainable. These solutions drive the chariot …to find equitable resolutions of human problems.” May it be so.

An additional comment: The week after I mailed this article in my newsletter, The Chariot manifested its energy in the Raleigh/Durham area in a very direct way. On Wednesday, Jan. 19, a small, but briefly intense snow and ice storm created literal gridlock throughout this area. The RDU area made national headlines as motorists were immobilized in one inch of snow and ice for up to 15 hours.

Students were forced to return to their schools and spend the night, as busses were unable to move more than one or two blocks. The Chariot is very much about being in control, independent, and powerful – something that commuters like about driving their cars. As tedious as the drive might be, it gives one a sense of mastery and autonomy that has created (in this area) a great reluctance to support efforts to build a light rail public transit system.

Yet, if such a system had been in use, the nightmare of January 19-20 could have been avoided. At what price will we continue our love affair with our personal modern-day Chariots?

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