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Dec. 30, 2006

Mighty, majestic, and radiant,
You shine brilliantly in the evening,

You brighten the day at dawn,

You stand in the heavens like the sun and the moon,

Your wonders are known both above and below,

To the greatness of the Holy Priestess of Heaven,

To you, Inanna, I sing!

— Sumerian hymn from “Inanna Queen of Heaven” translated by Wolkstein and Kramer.

In this dark time of the year, we are considering what is sacred about the dark, especially the dark aspect of the Feminine Divine. Why is there so much recent interest in Her? Is She in some way returning?

One of the most fascinating aspects, in my view as a Tarot reader, about the growing interest in the Divine Feminine is that for the first time in 900 years, we have experienced a small window of time, in which people were born with the High Priestess as their Personality and Soul card combined. What this means is that, depending on their exact birth date, in the years between December 31, 1957 and January 1, 1998 there were people born with the numerology of their birthdate reducing straight to 2 (without first reducing to 11 or 20). For example, if you were born on March 27, 1970, you would add up 3+27+1,970, which equals 2,000. And 2000 reduces to 2. You can read more about this intriguing aspect of the Tarot in my series of articles, by clicking here.

In addition, we experience annual cycles that renowned Tarot scholar Mary Greer calls our “Tarot Years.” Again, this is based on the numerology of our birth date, this time, with the current year. Because of this period of the High Priestess, not only are there a special few men and women who have been born with the High Priestess as their combined Personality and Soul card, almost all people who were adults in the second half of the twentieth century experienced a High Priestess year. That “window” ended on January 1, 1998, and will not come again for nearly 8,000 years.

Is it simply an extraordinary coincidence that the reawakening of Goddess worship in the Western cultures, the increased honor of the feminine even in traditionally male-dominated religions, and the rebirth of the concept of women’s equality have occurred during this generation?

The High Priestess is the side of the sacred feminine that is about Mystery, that which gestates in the darkness. She is the archetype of anima, psychic and healing abilities, and being whole and self-sufficient unto herself. She speaks directly with the Divine, without need of a male intercessor. She is definitely the aspect of feminine power (as opposed to the nurturing Mother figure of the Empress) that would be the most threatening to a patriarchal system based on domination.

As such, She is, arguably, what we are in desperate need of, if we are to restore balance to our lives and our world. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss some observations about Her important role in our times.

Over the next several days, as we honor this Dark time of Winter, we are exploring the mystery of the Dark Goddess in many of Her forms. As always, I invite your thoughts and experiences if you would like to share.

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