Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

by Beth on January 1, 2015

May the Graces Bless Us with Joyful New Beginnings! xTake out, then take in: Bad luck will begin. Take in, then take out: Good luck comes about. Blessings of the Tarot Year of Strength – the card of courage, compassion, and “power with.” I’ll be writing much more about what this means in the coming […]

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Wishing You a Magical New Year’s Eve

by Beth on December 31, 2014

A collection of tidbits from my posts in years past, with heartfelt thanks to Waverly FitzGerald, who is the source for much of this lore. Blessings to you, Waverly, for your faithful, invaluable service as a Priestess of Time and Keeper of Wisdom of the Ancient Ways. Out with the old and in with the […]

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The Sunday Before Solstice

by Beth on December 14, 2014

He who kisses joy as it flies by will live in eternity’s sunrise. ~ William Blake Today is the fourth and final Sun Day before Winter Solstice, and it is the third Sunday of Christian advent. Plus, in divine timing this, too, is the beginning of the Halcyon Days. If you are joining our global […]

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Tomorrow We Enter the Halcyon Days

by Beth on December 13, 2014

Halcyon days, now wars are ending. You shall find where-e’er you sail Tritons all the while attending With a kind and gentle gale. ~ Halcyon Days by Thomas Shadwell (1642 – 1692) If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know that every year I invite you step into a magical Time Out of […]

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