Wordless Wednesday: Feast of the Forest

by Beth on January 13, 2016

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Wordless Wednesday: Standing On the Moon

by Beth on January 6, 2016

(Astronomy Picture of the Day © NASA)

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Spreading the Light

by Beth on December 24, 2015

The Final Candle of the Christmas Advent Prayer Wreath Tonight at midnight, or tomorrow morning if you prefer, for those who are celebrating Christmas, it is time for you to light your final, center candle. With its light, honor the Bringer of Light, and vow to renew your own part in the ancient promise of […]

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Happy (American) Thanksgiving

by Beth on November 26, 2015

I am encoring last year’s post… Blessings to all… Praise Her from whom all blessings flow. Fruits of Her harvest to bestow. Sustain us as we change and grow. Praise Mother Earth our ancient home. Blessed be. ~ a Pagan Grace, author unknown Happy Thanksgiving! As Caitlin Matthews points out in her beautiful and essential […]

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Every Day Is Sacred: Navratri 2015 Begins

by Beth on October 13, 2015

O Goddess Durga! My mother! You, the mother of universe, It’s you who takes care of it And removes glooms of hearts. from Prayer to Goddess Durga, by S. D. Tiwari Praises and blessings to the Divine Mother of All, Durga Ma! Her Autumn festival begins today! Navaratri, the Nine Night festival in celebration of […]

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