Tarot Consultations by Appointment

Predict Your Future by Creating It

What can my Tarot readings do for you?


The Tarot is a time-honored tool for understanding the many energies and forces that are flowing in your life.  Like a thermometer that indicates whether you should wear a sweater or shorts, or a barometer whose readings can reflect an oncoming storm, the Tarot uses archetypes, symbols and patterns that can help you better understand and focus on the priorities in your life.

Its symbols transcend language, time, and culture and will resonate with your Deep Awareness.

 Guided by a skilled practitioner like myself, the Tarot speaks to you in universal images that your inner wisdom already understands.

I have worked with thousands of clients over the past four decades and am a skilled intuitive guide. So your customized reading can cover every possible topic of concern, including:

• How present influences and concerns may shape your future
• A month-by-month analysis of the coming year
• Ways to assess career, health, relationship or creative goals
• New options to weigh choices and resolve conflicting priorities

Let’s arrange your appointment today!  Email me here or click here for rates, appointment info and more.

My passion is to serve on behalf of personal awakening and global transformation by re-enchanting the world. This includes nurturing your expanded awareness, as well as tending and spreading the flame of Creativity.

I am a member of the American Tarot Association, Tarot Professionals, and the Tarot Association of the British Isles. These organizations encourage the highest standards for rigorous skill, knowledge and integrity. And my own code of ethics reflects my promise to offer you exceptional service and care. For example:

• Included with your reading, you can be emailed a digital photo of the cards.
• All readings of an hour or more can receive a recording of the session.
• I make every effort to offer flexible options in order to suit your schedule.
• Customized gift certificates are available to inspire and enlighten your family, friends, clients and colleagues.

My Tarot readings are for creative, motivated people who prefer to live extraordinary lives.   For over 40 years, I have seen how the Tarot can open our hearts and awareness in new, powerful ways that will bring soulful abundance and deeper blessings to our lives.

Please schedule a time, and let’s get started!