About My Readings

Tarot spread on tableAfter spending most of this year on a sabbatical to work on my book, I have decided to resume offering a limited number of private readings again. (Yes, I missed you!).

However, my writing is still a huge priority, as are my workshops, so I am only “open” once or twice a month, for now. I am sorry, but no exceptions.

As I have all along, I will also continue to visit Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh twice each month.

I am glad to once again welcome you to the peaceful healing space of my home in northern Durham County, North Carolina. If we meet in person, I encourage you to make a recording of our conversation together, using your smart phone or other recording device. You are also welcome to photograph your reading.

But it may be more convenient for you to purchase a telephone reading with me, either for yourself or as a gift reading for someone special. If we meet by phone, I can record our phone conversation if you wish, so that you can review it anytime. Naturally, for phone readings, I will also email you a digital photo of the cards we’ve discussed.

Either way, making an appointment to meet is simple, convenient, and completely confidential.

What To Expect

My reading method is a powerful combination of intuitive guidance from my spirit allies (and yours), with the wisdom of the Tarot, which I have practiced for more than forty years.

I am all about empowerment, and helping you trust your own inner knowing, so you can expect a friendly, conversational experience, not a one-way channeling or a spooky, weird drama. It’s about YOU, not me.

What Kind of Spreads I Use:

© Osho Zen Tarot layoutIn my experience, the most effective readings are about an hour long. This can cover general overview readings, like those done with the familiar 10-card Celtic Cross layout, or a month-by-month birthday layout.

It is also a comfortable amount of time for either going into depth for a single major issue, or getting several shorter readings on multiple items of concern.

I usually prefer to customize your layout so we can “cut to the chase” and dive deep into your questions efficiently and effectively.

Although it is helpful for you to give some consideration ahead of time to what you want to ask, I am glad to help you fine-tune your questions if you wish, so that the reading can be as clear and direct as possible.

In a one-hour reading, there is usually enough time to draw follow-up cards, if further clarification is needed on anything that may come up.

My one-hour readings are $125. If you decide to add additional time, it will be in half-hour increments, at $60/half hour, payable at the time of our meeting. If it looks like we are going overtime, I will let you know — it is your decision, not mine.

Which reminds me to tell you — I will never add hidden fees or charges, or push to “up-sell” you on other services or products.

Schedule and Purchase an In-Person One Hour Reading

If you are in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area, I’d be honored to welcome you to the healing, restorative energy of our home in northern Durham County,


Schedule and Purchase a One Hour Reading By Phone:

If you are not able to visit with me in person, please be reassured that over half of my clients are long-distance. A reading by phone can be as powerful as one in person — sometimes more so, because there are fewer distractions. I would be delighted to schedule with you. You can check my availability and make your appointment with the button below.


Please see the Fine Print section below, for details about my availability.

To lock in your appointment time, pre-payment is required. AFTER you have gotten confirmation of your appointment, please pay by clicking the button below.

If you would like to buy a gift certificate, the steps and prices are basically the same. Only you don’t need to pick an appointment time – just click the PayPal™ button of your choice. When I receive notice of your purchase (usually within two business days), we’ll discuss where the certificate should be sent, to whom it should be addressed, how you’d like it personalized, etc.

And then, your recipient can schedule their session with me at their convenience. Easy for you, easy for them!


Still not sure? More than one-half of my clients are long-distance phone customers from all over the world who book sessions with me again and again. All you need is access to PayPal™, email and a telephone. With a valid email address, you can use most major credit cards in PayPal™, even if you have never created an account. Or set one up – it’s simple, and FREE.

Either way, it’s easy to arrange a personal, customized, one-on-one reading with me at your convenience. And if you prefer, you can always mail me a check, as long as I receive it before your appointment.

Questions? Email me! I’m delighted to set your mind at ease.

The Fine Print:

  • At this time, these are the ONLY days I am available for private readings. Sorry, no exceptions.  If you want to schedule with me, you will see that you need to do so with at least one day’s notice. That’s because I do not offer “emergency” Tarot readings. Instead, I ask that you be in a more thoughtful, receptive space of mind and heart. After I’ve received your appointment request from my scheduling site, you can expect confirmation from me within two business days.
  • Once we schedule our time together, please keep your appointment. I realize sometimes emergencies do happen, but if for some reason you have to cancel or reschedule, email or call me at least 24 hours before your reading. If I don’t hear from you in advance, your pre-payment will be non-refundable. I’m sorry, but I go to the time and trouble to prepare for your reading. And I usually have a waiting list for appointments, so this is the only way I can be fair to all. Thanks for understanding.
  • And please remember: my consultations are suggestions for your personal growth and wisdom, based on my interpretation of the Tarot. Your choices are your own. My readings are never a substitute for professional medical, legal, or financial advice, so please do not ask me about such matters.
  • Similarly, please do not ask me to tell you what someone else is thinking, doing, or feeling. I will not use my gifts to peek into anybody’s business that is not present. My readings focus on and support YOU. For more about this you can review my Code of Ethics.
  • I reserve the right to refuse my services as I see fit. And I will urge anyone in need of other professional intervention to seek help. Lastly, some states require me to say that you must be 18 years or older to use this service and all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

To read more about my ethical guidelines click here.